Death of Lesya: Awaiting the finding - Matsakis examines clothing

Matsakis examines clothing

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Decisive for police investigations is the contribution of the forensic service - especially in the case of serious crimes - said the Police spokesperson, Christos Andreou.

Speaking on state radio, he said that - in many cases - the findings of medical examiners provide the guideline for investigating cases.

Mr. Andreou admitted, however, that in some cases certain issues have been created with forensic findings, such as in the case of the death of 28-year-old Lesia Bikova last Saturday. Therefore - said the Police spokesperson - it was deemed necessary for medical examiner Hara Spiliopoulou to come from Greece and perform a new autopsy.

He noted, at the same time, that Mrs. Spiliopoulou's conclusion regarding the second autopsy is of decisive importance for the police investigations.

Today at 14:00 the medical examiner Marios Matsakis, who represents the 30-year-old suspect, is expected to inspect the clothes of both himself and the victim.