What do Cypriots answer about corruption (VIDEO)

The frustration is particularly noticeable among young people

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Undoubtedly, in Cyprus, especially recently, an issue that has been discussed in particular by both political parties and wider civil society is the issue of corruption.

According to the scandals that have arisen in recent decades in Cyprus, culminating in the latest with the video published by Al Jazeera, it seems that it has caused frustration and frustration in the Cypriot society in general, but especially in the new generation.

Young people are the ones who are called to build their lives from scratch, while they seem to know very well that all the negative things that happen in our place, have or will have a negative impact on their lives in the future.

Characteristic is the report from the show "Protoselido", which recorded the views of Cypriots and especially young people

Source: Famagusta.News/Sigmalive