The issue of euthanasia in Parliament, with the Church not raising a word

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The much-praised issue of euthanasia is multidimensional, complex and touches on the moral, philosophical and biological existence of man. For years now, disputes have raged between doctors, lawyers, theologians, academics, etc., over whether patients with terminal illnesses have the right to die, the right to decide for themselves of their lives. Two MPs, Irini Charalambidou and Alexandra Attalidou, expressed their readiness to open the issue before the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights, taking an important step for the country.

"The issue had to be opened"

Irini Charalambidou, chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Institutions and rapporteur on bringing the issue to the table in Cyprus, told "P" that "this dialogue once had to be opened, as it is a difficult issue, both legally and emotionally. point of view. However, societies must evolve. We can not forbid dialogue on such issues and I will remind you of the difficulties that have existed in the issues of abortions, civil marriages, decriminalization of homosexuality, etc. " In fact, she added that "euthanasia is a matter of choice, in specific contexts, and we must, if nothing else, discuss it. In other European countries there is a very strict legal framework on the issue of euthanasia. I can not express my personal opinion, as I have lived in difficult situations with my loved ones ". At the same time, he clarifies that "in the discussion that will take place in the Human Rights Committee, the Church will of course be invited to state its positions. Of course, the Church may have an opinion, but it cannot impose it. "