In the last Plenary Session of March the implementing bills for TA reform

On March 28, they will be brought to the Plenary Session of the Parliament

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On March 28, the last implementing bills for the reform of Local Government will be brought to the Plenary of the House of Representatives for a vote, as the members of the Parliamentary Committee on the Interior stated in their statements today, expressing their satisfaction with the course of the debate to shape the final texts .

As the President of the Interior Committee, AKEL Member of Parliament, Aristos Damianou, pointed out after today's meeting, the implementing bills of the reform were "unacceptably submitted very late to the Parliament by the executive power".

He said that during the passage of the bills by the Plenary, amendments will be put forward by the parliamentary groups. He noted, however, that the majority of regulations are adopted by all parliamentary parties and individual MPs.

DISY Member of Parliament, Nikos Sykas, spoke for a constructive discussion on all issues, who emphasized that, beyond any disagreements that were expressed, he is focusing "on the big picture of the reform of Local Self-Government, which after so long and so many years is effectively entering in the final stretch with the vote at the next Plenary Session".

"Through the seriousness of the Interior Committee, we managed under the circumstances to take and bring before the Cypriot people three bills that we are convinced will certainly be much more productive and much more effective than what existed and existed before," added Mr. Sykas, saying that there is an addition to make any changes deemed necessary, based on the well-intentioned interest of the citizen.

The Parliamentary Representative of DIKO, Panikos Leonidou, confirmed that the discussion in the Committee was conducted in a "spirit of cooperation and consensus", while underlining that the contribution of its President, Aristos Damianos, as well as the rest of its members, was decisive in the discussion.

He noted that, thanks to this climate, long texts and many issues were examined in a short period of time, with the aim of filling gaps and omissions, but also to make the reform and its implementation more functional, as he said.

He also mentioned that the cooperation with the state officials was also good, pointing out that they too have shouldered a lot of weight in this effort.

It is noted that the Parliamentary Interior Committee will continue to meet regularly in order to monitor the progress of the implementation of the reform.

Source: KYPE