An end to prolonged standing at work with a proposed law

Proposal for a law before the Parliament on employers' obligations to avoid continuous and prolonged standing of employees

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With a law proposal submitted to the Parliamentary Committee on Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, it is given an end to uninterrupted and prolonged standing through special obligations for employers.

The law proposal was submitted by the Member of Parliament of the province of Famagusta, Giorgos Koukoumas, with a referral to the Parliamentary Committee on Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance last Thursday and proposes the amendment of the Occupational Safety and Health (Amendment) Law of 2023 as well as the Organization of Working Time (Amendment) Law of 2023.

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The purpose of the proposed law is to amend the Safety and Health at Work Law, in order to strengthen the existing legislative framework that governs the obligation of employers to provide employees with the opportunity to use sufficient and suitable seats during their work to avoid continuous and prolonged standing.

In particular, the proposed regulations seek to incorporate into national law the relevant provisions of Convention no. 120 of the International Labor Organization of 1964, in order to enable workers to use suitable seats during their work. It is noted that, in its relevant report for the year 2021, the European Organization for Safety and Health highlights the problems caused by prolonged standing for workers, noting a a series of ailments and musculoskeletal disorders resulting from it.