Banks close their stores after rumors of traffic chaos

Serious traffic problems seem to be generalized in areas that are sensitive to traffic management

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Recently, significant traffic issues have been caused in the area of ​​traffic lights after the Paphian Stadium due to the large concentration of vehicles in the area of ​​a banking institution operating in the area. Now, serious traffic problems seem to be generalizing in areas that are characterized as sensitive in terms of traffic management throughout the center of Paphos.

This is the reason, according to revealing information of "F" that at least two banks have already decided to close their existing branches in the city of Paphos. Frequent protests by organizations, locals and citizens about the ongoing problems caused by the operation of these branches in their areas, prompted the management of the banks to proceed with the restructuring of their branches in the city of Paphos. In this context, at least three branches from one bank and two from the second close down and their operations are merged with other branches that are in areas that do not cause traffic problems and that have a significantly higher turnover than the abolished ones.

The situation as it is now is in consideration of the Paphos Police Directorate and the Municipality of Paphos, since Accident risk and social unrest are very common in various parts of the city, where bank branches have been relocated and which in most cases are not in fact able to support the over-concentration of vehicles and citizens involved in this commercial activity.

A municipal official told "F" that the problem is real and serious, but the relevant authority can not do the slightest thing. "It is up to the banks themselves to realize the difficulties they create for their own customers and to stop making choices based on financial consideration alone," he said.

"And fortunately, our own information indicates that something like this is finally happening," he pointed out meaningfully.