Rain, snow and thunderstorm - See the weather in detail

The weather forecast

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Rain, snow and thunderstorms are expected on Tuesday, according to the Meteorological Service.

Weather forecast: 

Slightly low pressure affects the area while from Wednesday to Friday morning, in the atmosphere may be observed sparse dust.

Today the weather will be partly cloudy at times and initially it is possible to have light rains or light snowfall in the mountains. The winds will blow mainly southwest as westerly initially weak, 3 beauforts, and later weak to moderate, 3 to 4 beauforts. The sea will be calm to a little turbulent in the east but on the rest of the coast it will be a little turbulent. The temperature will rise to around 14 degrees inland, around 16 on the coast and around 5 degrees in the higher mountains.

Tonight the weather will be partly cloudy and at times cloudy with the possibility of isolated rains, without excluding the possibility of a storm, mainly in the west, southwest and north. Snow or sleet is likely to fall in the higher mountains. The winds will initially blow mainly southeast as southwesterly, 3 beauforts, and gradually southerly to moderate, 4 beauforts. The sea will be initially a little turbulent and later in the leeward a little turbulent to turbulent. The temperature will drop around 5 degrees inland, around 9 on the coast and around one degree in the higher mountains, where locally frost will form.

On Wednesday the weather will be partly cloudy and it is possible that initially individual rains will fall, mainly in the west, while in the higher mountains, light snow or sleet. The weather will improve soon.

On Thursday the weather will initially be partly cloudy but gradually it will become mostly cloudy and late in the afternoon and evening, as on Friday, local rains, isolated thunderstorms and snow in the higher mountains are expected from time to time.

The temperature will gradually rise slightly on Wednesday and Thursday to fluctuate close to the average climatic values. It is expected to drop slightly on Friday. The height of the snow in Troodos Square, at the time of issuance of the bulletin, was 77 cm.