Applications for plans again from the beginning

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Applications must be re-submitted by businesses, employees and self-employed persons participating in government support projects, so that the Ministry of Labor can pay the relevant benefits for the period 13 April to 12 May.

Due to the partial lifting of the restrictive measures and the reopening of the companies in the retail trade, which were in full swing before May 4, the data for the specific companies and for the construction companies have changed drastically. Also, due to the change of the decrees of the Ministry of Health and for the vulnerable groups, the data changed.

In the next twenty-four hours, the Ministry of Labor is expected to post on the Ministry's website, (, the new electronic applications for the Plans so that it becomes possible for the interested parties to complete the applications electronically. Applications will relate to the sick leave received by workers belonging to vulnerable groups who have been infected with the virus or are under self-restriction. They will also be concerned with the special parental care allowance received by working parents for the care of their children up to the age of 15 and the plan for self-employed workers. In addition, they will apply for full or partial suspension of business operations.

According to information from "F" in the case of employers and self-employed people who participated until last Sunday in the complete suspension of work, if they belong to the companies that have been reactivated since Monday then they will have to submit a new application for participation of their employers in partial suspension of work.

In this case, companies will have to submit two applications. In particular, they will have to apply for the period from March 13 to May 2 for the project of complete suspension of work and then they will have to submit a second application for the period from May 4 to 12 for the project of partial suspension of work. provided, of course, that the required reduction in their turnover occurs.

Source: philenews