The number of Turkish Cypriot workers in the free areas is increasing

How many have been called for an interview and what jobs they are applying for

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The number of Turkish Cypriots employed in the free areas of Cyprus is increasing as a result of the agreement it concluded with the SEC, writes "Yeni Duzen".

According to the Press and Information Office, the newspaper writes that in a written statement, the president of the "Türk-Sen" union, Arslan Bitsakli, states that out of 130 people who applied, 60 started working in December and another 40 will start within coming days.

Mr. Bitsakli noted that in addition to the sectors of tourism, restaurants and construction, new areas of work have opened and those interested in working in markets, laundries, as tailors or as drivers can apply.

According to Mr. Bitsakli, 70 people have been interviewed by January, 150 by February 3 and 30 by February 9. He stated that the successful candidates in these interviews will be recruited.