PEO: Asks for support of the low income strata

On the occasion of the recently announced price increases on a large number of products, goods and basic foodstuffs, PEO is requesting substantial measures.

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The implementation of measures by the government in support of the low income strata (retirees, unemployed and vulnerable groups), as well as for the protection of consumers "from impunity and scandal", the PEO demands in a written statement.

The recent price increases announced by the Price Observatory on a large number of products, goods and basic foodstuffs, as well as the significant increases in building materials, are burdening, according to PEO, even more consumers and workers, who have already been affected by the effects. of the economic crisis and the decline in incomes caused by the pandemic.

Given the above, PEO calls, as stated in its announcement, the implementation of effective measures to support the low income groups, such as the full restoration of the ATA and its extension to all employees as a mechanism to restore the purchase value of wages, increase welfare benefits to compensate for the increased cost of living, the redesign and expansion of the state housing policy for the acquisition of housing, especially for young people, the reduction of VAT on basic consumer goods, as well as the intensification of market controls to combat scandal .