"Human lives are lost that could be saved if vaccinated"

Danger bell by Dr. Armefti - "The health system has exceeded its limits, September is predicted to be difficult"

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Dr. Armeftis conveyed the anxiety and worry of the patients, who are ill at the moment when the vast majority of them are unvaccinated, which is really a difficult situation for both the patients themselves and for their own.

"Unfortunately, if one does not go through it, either oneself or one's own person cannot comprehend what we are saying and thinks that there is a perception that we are making things more dramatic. Things are already very difficult and we are worried. "When you see that human lives are in danger, when you see that human lives are being lost that could be saved if they were vaccinated, we can not help but worry."

The health system has already exceeded its limits, with the number of patients in the Intensive Care Units having hit "red", says the President of the Pulmonary Society Dr. Haris Armeftis to KYPE, noting that no one knows what will happen in September, during during which the situation is estimated to be difficult.

"What worries us is that the number of serious cases that are treated remains high and the needs in Intensive Care Units remain high. "The problem is what will happen if the need for interconnection increases further and what will happen after the holidays", said Dr. Armeftis.

He noted that during the holidays the contacts increase and it is expected that there will be a relative increase in cases.

"I think our system has exceeded its limits. It is a borderline situation in Intensive Care Units and Intensive Care Units. We certainly have a concern about what September will be like. "We estimate that the schools will be opened, we do not know how strictly the measures will be observed and how much they will affect us if we have an increase in daily cases", he added.

Asked, he said that September will be difficult. "There is concern that there is no measure at the moment that is being implemented that gives us the comfort or the guarantee that they will reduce imports. Certainly vaccination as it grows helps, but it will not help immediately. "We estimate that someone who is being vaccinated today, wants to develop immunity around 45 days that will significantly protect him", he noted.

On the other hand, he continued, we are dealing with a super-transmissible strain that also affects the vaccinated and we are also dealing with a situation in which the personal protection measures are not observed.

Asked if the cases in September will hit the thousand again, he said that no one can answer. "Our only hope is with the pace of vaccination to put a brake on but do not forget that already the Delta strain to be able to say that you feel some security you want 82% double vaccinations or more. We are around 70%, so there is a way and on the other hand we see what possibilities there are in the Intensive Care Units. "The main factor that helps patients get well is the specialized staff, which we do not have in the required number," he said.