Annita Dimitriou is the new President of DISY

Annita Dimitriou is the new president of DISY


The new President of DISY is elected today. The candidates are Dimitriou Annita, current Vice-President of DISY and Dimitriou Dimitris, Press Spokesman of the party.

Around 50.000 members of DISY were called to the polls today to elect the new President of the party following the decision of Averof Neophytos, based on the statute and approved by the expanded Politburo on February 13 for the selection of new leadership. It was also decided to hold an all-Cypriot conference for the assessment and assessment of the party's leadership on Saturday, May 6, and a all-Cypriot Electoral Assembly for all the remaining leadership, the positions of the Deputy President, the three Vice-Presidents and the 25 elected members of the Politburo, the Sunday, May 7.

A total of 50.660 people who registered as DISY members until December 11, 2022, had the right to vote, based on the statute. Voting began at 9 am and ended at 6 pm, without interruption in 79 polling centers in Cyprus and abroad (Athens, Thessaloniki and London). The polling station in London closed at 4pm (local time) In Nicosia 28 polling stations operated, in Larnaca and the free Famagusta 22, in Limassol 18 and in Paphos 8 polling stations. Abroad, 3 polling centers in London, Athens and Thessaloniki respectively.

The election result is expected to be announced between 7.30 and 8 this evening. The process is overseen by an Election Commission made up of four members: Xenia Constantinou, Chris Triantafyllidis, Andreas Stavrinidis and Dimitris Dimitriou. The announcement of the results will be made by the head of the Commission, Xenia Konstantinou.