Today is the last Plenary Session 2023 – What will it include?

bbb vouli kypros Bouli, plenary session

Today, at 11 am, the Plenary of the House of Representatives convenes, in the last session for 2023 with legislative work on the agenda, while the special sessions for voting on the state budget will follow before the end of the year, which will take place over the three days December 18-20.

Today's session of the Plenary will open with the usual speech of the Minister of Finance Makis Keraynos on the 2024 budget.

Legislative work will follow, with the Plenary having before it 40 pieces of legislation for approval.

Among them, the bills and the proposals for the law concerning the protection of borrowers from foreclosures stand out. The Courts Bill aims at the appointment by the Supreme Court of a number of judges for the purpose of adjudicating cases of loans for a principal residence of up to €350.000. The bill on the Establishment and Operation of the Single Body for the Out-of-Court Resolution of Financial Disputes Law aims, among other things, to expand the scope of the existing competence of the Financial Commissioner for the appointment of a mediator for the purposes of credit facility restructuring.


Furthermore, there are two proposals for a law by the coalition parties DIKO, EDEK and DIPA, which regulate the debtor's right to submit a complaint against licensed institutions to the Financial Commissioner for main residence. The Commissioner has an obligation to examine it within 45 days of its submission, during which time the sale process does not proceed.

At the same time, parties such as AKEL and the Environmentalists expressed their intention to submit amendments or proposals to the Plenary, in order to restore the borrowers' right to access justice for mortgage loan purposes. A proposal to continue the suspension of sales until January 31 has not even been ruled out.

Other bills that stand out are the bill to operate the electronic platform e-kalathi, which will allow price comparison so that the consumer can choose the supermarket with the lowest prices.

After adjournments, a proposal for a law and a bill to reduce the rate of the Defense Extraordinary Levy on deposits, so that the rate of 30% charged on interest is reduced to 17%

A package of laws will also be submitted for approval, with the aim of expanding the definition of the term "restructuring", so that it also includes the disposal and transfer of immovable property to KEDIPES in the context of the implementation of the "Rent Against Installment" plan.

A bill to remove the problems concerning "trapped property buyers" who, while they have fulfilled their contractual obligations, are unable to transfer the properties to them due to the existence of encumbrances, is also being voted on.

The Plenary will also consider a bill that aims to modernize and improve provisions on medically assisted reproduction.

The Parliament will also be asked to approve the January 2024 twelfth for legal entities under public law whose budgets for the year 2024 have not yet been approved.

Source: KYPE