Yannis Karousos in the battle of the DISY elections

Ready to claim the position of Deputy President of DISY according to the information

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According to the information, the former Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Yiannis Karousos is expected to enter the battle for the position of Deputy President of the Democratic Alarm.

Yiannis Karousos is expected to announce his candidacy within the next few days, which he seems to have expected to happen after the election for the position of President next Saturday. Despite all this, and while Phaedonas Phaedonos and Michalis Sophokleous announced today, it is possible that the former Minister from Ayia Napa will hasten his announcement.

Yiannis Karousos, in an interview with the newspaper "Kathimerini" last Sunday, said that he is receiving messages about the entry of new persons into the leadership of the Alarm. "I am ready to continue to offer and declare myself present for the leadership. As for which position, this will be announced after March 11, since the party's presidential election now takes precedence. What I want to say is that I listen to our people and realize the need that arises for change, so I will be present on May 7."

In his interview with "Kathimerini", Mr. Karousos kept a balance regarding the two candidates for the presidency of the party, stressing that the first requirement for any candidate who is elected will be the unity of the party. He believes that it is up to the leadership to heal the wounds that were opened during the presidential elections. "The new leadership should send a message to the grassroots that it doesn't just demand from them obligations but that they also have rights. The communication between leadership and members must be two-way and all of us together as a fist should be united for the good of the Alarm, for the good of Cyprus".

For Yannis Karousos, according to his interview in the newspaper, the main issue in the new page that DISY is trying to turn should be the reforms in the functioning of the party. The message he sends is that the next day should not find the party looking for "scapegoats, quite simply because there are none. Structural changes are needed from the statute, the way of operation, communication with the base. We know very well as a party how to promote and implement reforms for the country, it's time to do it internally so that the recent situations don't happen again."

Famagusta.News with information from Kathimerini