The Labor Advisory Council is meeting today under the Minister of Labour

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The Labor Consultative Body is meeting today at 10 am under the chairmanship of the Minister of Labor and Social Insurance Yiannis Panagiotou and with the participation of the social partners.

According to the agenda announced by the Ministry of Labour, on the agenda of the session to be held at the Ministry of Labour, there are the staffing of the labor market/regulation of labor relations, a decision on the employment of third country nationals who are in Cyprus as students and amending bills for extension of leave and maternity allowance from 18 weeks to 22 weeks for the first child in case of birth or acquisition through surrogate mother as well as extension of leave and maternity allowance from 16 weeks to 20 in case of acquisition of the first child through adoption.

Also on the agenda are amending bills to extend maternity leave and allowance up to 8 weeks in the case of mothers whose infant is either in an incubator due to premature birth or is hospitalized due to another health problem immediately after delivery.

Also on the agenda is an amending bill to which a paragraph is added that gives the Minister the authority, if he deems it necessary by his Decree, to make it mandatory for the employer to electronically declare the details of the information on the essential terms of employment as well as to decide on other elements that will govern the specific obligation of the employer.

It is expected, moreover, to discuss a ministerial decision determining the minimum amount paid for the use of telework in accordance with the legislation and the actuarial adjustment for early retirement.

Source: KYPE