Survivor in numbers: Player fees and advertising profits

a 67 Survivor
a 254 Survivor

Two months of screening of the reality show, Survivor were enough to spill a lot of ink about the players' fees and the presenter, Sakis Tanimanidis. According to the newspaper "Eleftheros Typos", the "Celebrities" are paid 1.700 euros per week for their stay in Saint Dominic, which means 6.800 euros per month. So, if the winner is from that team, in addition to the cash prize, he will leave with approximately 34.000 euros.

For the "Fighters" team, the amounts are clearly smaller, the players get 500 euros per week. The remuneration of Sakis Tanimanidis remains a big question mark, who neither confirms nor denies the reports that want him to get 5.000 in each episode. If the latter applies, the presenter gets 25.000 euros per week, after five episodes are shown. Therefore per month, 100.000 euros! Particularly expensive, however, is the production! According to what Sakis revealed, each episode costs 2,7 million dollars! Recall that the host in a question game had mentioned: How much does the production cost for each of the episodes of "Game Of Thrones". George Angelopoulos answered 2,2 and then the presenter said: "Each episode of Survivor costs 2,5 million, what have you spent on us? Where are you going 2,7 million to be exact ". Advertising profits are also of particular interest! Every company that wants to advertise during Survivor has to pay 90 euros per second. And if one considers that the short spots last 30 seconds, then the amount given is 27.000 euros!

Source: Miss Bloom