The last farewell to the two eleven-year-old girls

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The funeral of the two girls, Barbara Kokoridou and Christina Kioulpakidou, was held at noon, from the church of Agioi Anargyroi in Kato Paphos.

In his funeral speech, the Mayor of Paphos, Phaedon Phaedon, stated that it is not only the families of Barbara and Christina who are mourning, at this time, it is not only their beloved parents and sister, their classmates, teachers and friends, not only their fellow citizens are expatriates of Pontus, but it is the whole society and every man who has his own child.

You leave us, said the Mayor of Paphos the pride and joy that we all felt for the 1st place, among 80 countries, that you won in the international traditional dance competition of Spain, from which with so much joy and pride you returned that fatal dawn that cut the thread of your life.

Barbara, a 5th grade student at Dimitrios Elementary School in Paphos, loved the tradition of her place of origin and was a member of the traditional dance group "Romiosini".

Christina, a 6th grade student at Agios Spyridon Primary School, was also involved in the traditional dances of the expatriates of Georgia and took piano, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics classes at the same time.

The Police in a statement expresses its deepest sorrow for the tragic event of the death of the two girls and expresses its sincere condolences to their relatives.

Such incidents shock each of us, he says, adding that two innocent souls did not manage to enjoy their lives, they left so unjustly and plunge their families into mourning, causing an untold human drama.