A 22-year-old kissed a young man with a dirty beard and suffered a terrible infection

Her own story was told by a girl through TikTok about her love affair with a man with a very ... dirty beard.

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Her own story was told by a girl through TikTok for her love affair with a man with a lot… dirty beards.

A young woman went viral on social media when she uploaded a video on TikTok with her passion when she kissed a man with a beard.

A girl wanted to warn all women who go out with mustaches. She suffered one disgusting infection after he got into a fight with someone who had a beard.

In another video, another girl appears to have a facial irritation, redness and peeling, but a little later things got much worse.

This video was the occasion for her to post her own suffering with a mustache.

"I was waiting to tell my story" commented, then Hannah and uploaded the video with the disgusting infection on her chin.

According to some of the commenters in the young girl's video, Hannah developed some staph infection, caused by bacteria that live on the skin.
However, when a cut is caused, such as those that occur from the beard, the bacteria penetrate and can cause infection and swelling.

The users who saw the video expressed their sympathy for the young girl. Some did not fail to give some advice.

"I hope you do not kiss this guy again" wrote a commentator.

"Beards are literally dirtier than the toilet seat if they are not washed often" someone else commented.

"My husband has a beard all the time I know him and nothing like this has ever happened to me" said another commenter.

"Show him how to wash!" advised another woman.

"These were not mustaches. It was sandpaper! " someone else commented.

"That would make me not want to talk to this guy again" another woman commented on a beard.


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