It turned out sour: She went to make a "bad" surprise to her husband, but fell on his grandmother

The awkward moment when you go to give a "wicked" surprise to your husband who has just returned but in the end the recipient is also his grandmother!

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The awkward moment when you go to do a "trick" surprise to your husband who has just returned but finally his grandmother is also a recipient!

A woman in the US decided to make a "wicked" surprise for her husband by putting sensually underwear. But in the end everything went wrong and her plan ended in fiasco.

The post on TikTok

Lynn Smith uploaded to TikTok a video and narrated her unpleasant adventure when she decided to welcome her husband with a revealing appearance. "I'm going out in the car with them to see my husband's reaction", she wrote on TikTok as she showed off the sensual lingerie she had chosen.

“I'll change as he comes in a few minutes. Let's hope he likes it", he continued to say in the video. After changing, Lynn opened the door and looked to see if it car of her husband has arrived. She checked that no one from the neighborhood was outside and when her husband arrived, she ran to the car.

“I have to make sure that the neighbours I'm not out, I'm a little stressed", he said before going to the car. However, as it turned out, the neighbors were the last thing she needed to worry about, as when she opened the car door she was in for a nasty surprise.

She saw her husband cover his face with his hands and then look on awkwardly. Lin was surprised and asked him why he reacted like that. Then the answer came from the back seat. "Hi sweety", said to her grandmother of her husband.

Her husband explained that he had taken his grandmother to show her the new car, leaving Lynn feeling embarrassed. Her video is done viral with 18 million views and 2,8 million Likes. However, there were quite a few who thought Lynn's video was rigged.

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@kenzielynnsmith I am so embarrassed .. 😔 #fyp ♬ original sound – Mackenzie Lynn


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