She could not bear his death: In a bad condition, the wife of the 16-year-old Roma attempted suicide

The wife of the 16-year-old Roma man, Kostas Fragoulis, who was shot dead by a police officer a month ago, attempted suicide.

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The wife of the 16-year-old Roma is in a bad condition

She attempted suicide husband of the 16-year-old Roma, Kosta Fragoulis, who was shot dead by a policeman a month ago.

According to the ERT report, the 16-year-old's wife consumed a large amount of pills 3 days ago,
in her attempt to kill herself.
The 16-year-old's parents immediately rushed her to the emergency hospital and today (13/01) she was discharged.

Out of danger but in bad shape

In fact, according to sources from her close family circle, the wife she is in a pretty bad psychological state and is having a hard time dealing with the death of her husband.

But let's note that after the suicide attempt, she is in good health and is not in any danger.

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