"I come from the future": He claims to live in 2028, is the only survivor on earth and travels in time

Javier's videos on TikTok have caused a stir as he claims to be the only survivor coming from 2028.

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Javier's videos on TikTok have caused a stir as he claims to be the only one survivor coming from 2028.

THE "time traveler"Or"the only survivorClaims that for almost a year he has been touring various cities, in 2028, which are empty.

A "time traveler" claiming to be coming from 2028 shared a video claiming to be alone for 340 days in a "Post-apocalyptic" world.

Javier, whose name on tik tok is @only survivor and translated as "survivor only", first published his supposed life in the future, in February last year, recording the Spanish city of Valencia when it was completely empty.

Since then, he claims to have visited many cities, including Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Seville, showing them in an eerie silence.

The last survivor in… Tik Tok

About 11 months after his first video, Javier says he is still alone, having spent the last 340 days trapped in 2028, "trying to find human life".

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"Day 340 alone in the world, I have toured cities and many more", He wrote in a recent post.

"What can happen to me?", he wonders.

In another video, Javier showed his followers his visit to a museum, which is usually "crowded".

The video shows him climbing a deserted staircase and exploring them empty rooms.

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In another, he photographs a reflection of himself in a building, but does not show his face, while a video shows him standing alone on a beach.

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Many people, of course, have commented on his posts and disputed Javier's claims, with some wondering if he has used any kind of video editing techniques to create the illusion that he is alone.

Others also asked why he still has access to electricity and internet connection if he is alone with anyone else in the world.

One of them wrote: "It is processed because I could see the mouse of a computer which means that the video and screen recordings have been processed by a computer. "But he is very talented."


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