The insurance company asked her to send photos of the vehicle, but she was confused…

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You will not believe what he finally sent them

The insurance company asked Alyssa Stringfellow to take front and side photos to complete her car insurance policy.

And the girl did exactly what the Arkansas office asked her to do: she posed for a series of photos that would soon be in her insurer's office!

He was a little confused and did not understand that the photos were for the car and not for her!


As we understand it, the news went viral and Alyssa was filled with shame. Of course, she sent new pictures to her insurer, from the car this time, but she gave generous laughter to many.


"I was insuring myself in my grandmother's insurance policy when I decided to pose for the photos. The guy from the insurance company called me laughing to tears when he got the email… I thought it was weird that he wanted my own photos, but I thought he would want them to confirm that it was me ".


However, she shared her story and pictures on Facebook and collected over 10.000 shares! What to say…