They paid a professional photographer for family poses and here's what they got

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Is it one of the worst professional photography of all time?

There are many families who love professional photography, those who will highlight the joy and warmth they exude with the touch of the expert.

And while most of the time a professional saves you from bad photographic adventures, the family of our story can not say the same. By no means!


So Pam Dave Zaring paid a photographer for some souvenir snapshots and then posted her affair on Facebook…

Apart from being outrageously ridiculous, they are scary enough, don't you think? It's like painting their face in Microsoft Paint! The photographer told them that there were annoying shadows on their faces, but she had not learned how to "tease" the photos by correcting the small imperfections!

The post even has thousands of shares, as people went crazy with the worst photography of all time.


If they took back the money they gave, the mom of the family does not make it clear to us, the payment must have been made for the laughter that the photographer generously gave them…