Wonder how they "wash" the dishes in a Malaysian restaurant

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Do they clean the utensils when you dip them in muddy water?

We have all found ourselves in "that" restaurant where everything seems so wrong that it makes you wonder what exactly is going on in the kitchen.

And in this case it became unthinkable! Why was it not that the kitchen staff did not wash their hands or the ingredients of the dishes were old-fashioned. It was that the dishes would be better not to be washed, if they are to be washed by dipping them in water!


This happened at the popular Raj's Banana Leaf restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, sending the hygienic walk. Officials wash the dishes in the alley behind the kitchen, dipping them into the mud, forcing the city mayor to lock him up.

The owner publicly apologized, but said he was unaware of the uncharacteristic practices in his kitchen: "This has never happened before and it should not happen again." His Facebook post was not exactly believed, as everyone had a bad reason to say…