These 3 signs will probably find love in April 2023

If you are single and belong to one of the three lucky signs, which astrologers estimate will be favored by Venus next month, then don't be surprised if love suddenly knocks on your door in the coming weeks.


Here are the signs that, according to, may find a new partner in April.


Until 10/4 chronologically, with Venus opposite you, with Mercury again in your 3th house from 4/7 and of course the Sun in Taurus, you co-star throughout the month, so it is logical that the chances of entering a relationship. You will get a lot of persistent flirtations and proposals, and quite a few of them, so if you have a man in front of you who can offer you love, support and mean what he says, how can you say no to him. Also, it is not excluded that a simple relationship becomes more... close, with a symbiosis. And of course, from the 11th onwards, Venus in Gemini and your 8th house will boost your sex appeal and it goes without saying that you will attract the opposite sex like a magnet and a hot romance seems to be brewing here.    


With Venus opposite you from 11/4 but also Jupiter who will remain in your 5th house and in April, whatever decade you belong to, except for you who were born in the first days of your sign, your successes in opposite sex will be many, so the chances of getting into a relationship are increased. The point, of course, is to want to and not rush to make your choices, nor to let yourself be carried away by "words of the wind" or the emotion of the moment and end up in a ditch. However, there are prospects for something very good in your life, as it is certain that many will claim you. 


Venus leaves your 10th house on the 8th, but Mercury will have had time to come, to be replaced later by the Sun, so, as you understand and given the presence of Jupiter in your 7th house and Pluto in the 5th, in whichever decade you belong to, either way, the topic of "not just sex", but "relationship" will be your priority. However, you have all the qualifications to enter one where, if nothing else, you will have a good time or if you are of the very early days, to make a lifetime bond. Your charm and your eroticism will burn hearts and it is possible that a new acquaintance will develop rapidly, after 11/4, with Venus in your 9th house. May both eclipses, of the Full Moon on the 6th of the month in your sign and the New Moon on the 20th, in Aries, opposite you, support this.