These 4 signs will have luck on their side throughout April

March is heading towards its finale and the second month of Spring is expected, according to astrologers, to smile broadly to those who belong to 4 zodiac signs and were born on specific ten days, as luck will be on their side.

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As reports, if you belong to one of the following signs, you will spend a wonderful month, with luck accompanying you! 


May the evil eye not see you, you of the 8nd and XNUMXrd ten days, as you are again in the first place, of those who will have a great time and to tell the truth, you will not have a bad time in April either, since Venus leaves from the XNUMXth your house, but Mercury comes to offer you solutions to financial impasses, profitable deals and money. Well, you will also have Jupiter to promote you and you will finally see the face of God, especially if you belong to the third, which for so long you were tyrannizing with Pluto in Capricorn. You will remember this again after June. Until then, you can shake things up, take risks, take out your repressed things from so many years of problems and suffering and breathe freely. At some point, of course, you will be caught by Mars in Cancer, but in this case, make your home summer and fix everything that has been broken, so that you don't have any other issues.


And you are one of the same, Virgo of the 8nd and 7rd ten days, with Pisces, since with Jupiter in your XNUMXth solar house you will also get money and you will have plenty of eroticism and you will attract the opposite sex. There won't be any planet spoiling your joy, so get ready for an unforgettable month, with plenty of opportunities to recover financially and sexually. Investigate the possibilities to make some favorable settlement or arrangement, if you owe, to get rid of a hoarseness and let your feelings speak, in the choice of a person, who is almost certain to offer you what you desire. A Neptune that has been in the XNUMXth for some time, can at some point put you to sleep or make you fantasize. But you should have gotten used to him.


April begins with the best conditions for you in the 4nd and XNUMXrd ten days (because others will have their issues) and in fact after the XNUMXth you will begin to recover financially, something very important for your psychology as well, since extraordinary expenses will they stop unpleasantly surprising you and holes will not be constantly created that you have to cover. What you gave, you gave, now you will start collecting, not to mention you will also find a way to increase your income. In your love affairs, there will also be moments of calm, either because the developments will be pleasant and you will not have to worry about their outcome, or because you will be in a voluntary nirvana and you will see everything rosy. However, you will have plenty of opportunities for new acquaintances, as well as for special moments with your partner.  


April may be the most beautiful month for you, since you will have inspiration and creativity and your conquests will be enough and you may have the opportunity to increase your family by one member. With Jupiter in your 5th house and Venus from 20/4 in Gemini and your 7th house (it will have entered earlier, but from then on it will start to favor you), you are offered the possibility of creating a romantic romance, with relationship prospects . He will have enthusiasm, optimism and passion for life, which will cause you strong emotions. On the other hand, in your existing relationship there will be infinite moments when you will spend loved ones with your partner, since your love will flare up... Just be careful with jealousies and controls and everything will be fine. Oh, and you'll have money, as long as you don't scatter it around.