These three lucky signs are going to have a great weekend

Although Neptune's square with Mars is expected to bring quite a few problems in the next three days, there are also some lucky signs who will have a great time this SC.


The weekend that starts in a few hours will be quite communicative and intense for all signs. As reports, the sextiles Venus – Mars and Mercury – Uranus offer eroticism, fun, many proposals and happy news to everyone. Who will be the luckiest?


Creativity, insight and commitment to new goals. These are the features of the weekend for you, with planetary movements favoring new ideas and easing financial matters. Your sociability and communicative mood will be at a high, which will improve your relationship if you are engaged or bring many new acquaintances your way.


Pleasant surprises await you. The planetary setting looks ideal to spend a wonderful, romantic and sensual two days with your partner or to indulge in flirting, acquaintances and the great interest you receive from various people. Of course, if this happens when you're in a relationship, you have to watch your step. On Sunday, things get even better, since you will feel appreciated, while any family problems seem to be resolved.


Your patience and mature approach to situations is rewarded. Your social image improves, while Mercury's square with Uranus can bring an opportunity in finances. The aspect of Venus in a sextile with Mars increases the chances of new acquaintances, more fun and achieving new goals.