Daily Forecasts for today Saturday 26 March 2022

Saturday has arrived, how will it be?

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Today's transit Mercury - Pluto helps you find the perfect target to channel your energy. You feel more focused and you can gain valuable knowledge about what you need to get out of your life that will help you move forward. You have more confidence in your ideas and perceptions right now. The information that comes in is helpful and can cleanse and heal. Enjoy a break and spend time with your loved one.

With today's transit Mercury - Pluto you see the value of reaching conclusions slowly or moving more targeted and calm. Others trust you with valuable information that if you use it correctly you will see noticeable results. Something that was previously hidden is revealed and is enlightening. Communications especially with friends are deep and satisfying. Positive energy is with you to solve a mystery or throw yourself into a work of passion.

With Mercury and Pluto aligned you use your resources wisely. You see personal issues in a completely different way and you may find an opening where you thought there was a dead end. This is a good time to develop strategies, make plans and dig deep into a topic to learn more about it. Everything today has to do with detail even in matters concerning your love, emotional life.

With today's transit Mercury - Pluto you are in a good phase to set goals, set rules and limits. The debates are enlightening, especially those concerning philosophical concerns for the future. You have more courage to face and recognize the truth and to embrace it. If you leave some details behind you may be particularly motivated to put your life in order and put it in order. Your love life creates an optimism and brings a smile back to your lips.

Taking care of the details, organizing and learning new things is the focus today. If you tune in to the energy of the current Mercury-Pluto aspect it is possible to see a new level in a situation and feel better about it. Efforts to achieve your goals in terms of your health and fitness are prosperous. In the relationship with your loved one, the erotic thermometer rises. If you are single, you start dreaming again and believing in yourself again.

Today you are in the process of making improvements in your life and you feel very good. Your ruler Mercury is collaborating with Pluto and you are now determined to dig a little deeper. It's also a good time for romance and relationship issues. Benefit from activities you share with your loved ones. If you are single, through your sociability that is strengthened, interesting, perhaps unique, acquaintances emerge.

With the Mercury-Pluto aspect, matters concerning your home, health or personal life are at the absolute focus. It could include getting rid of things you no longer need. Fortunately it is easier than usual to see what can progress. You may be motivated to work hard to increase your family income. If you are alone emotionally try to keep your enthusiasm for new acquaintances.

Take advantage of the Mercury-Pluto transit as you are willing to make the extra effort where it should be. It's a very good time to gain a mental advantage mainly because now you see what was in your way. Pluto is your wise, observant and strategic planetary ruler and helps you sort things out and come up with valuable knowledge. Love plays a leading role in your life as long as you are down to earth.

With the current face of Mercury and Pluto you can have enlightening thoughts or conversations, especially with or about a partner or family. It's time to dump her and move on. You are insightful about your money situation and extremely imaginative. Let your imagination organize the atmosphere tonight with your loved one and if you are alone, give them the opportunity to approach you and do not shut yourself in your shell.

Actions today can make you very serious and this can help you make valuable improvements. A Mercury-Pluto transit brings information or a friend's insight opens up new ways to see your world. You take the lead with your ideas and plans and your observation is in good condition. Take initiatives to improve your love life.

Today's passage Mercury - Poseidon encourages you to rely on patience and turn a situation in your favor. You may feel a strong desire to get things in order, to organize and take care of your business plans or responsibilities. You have a clear idea of ​​what you need to change, leave behind or adjust to move forward. You want to get to the truth and therefore you are not very interested in superficial or superficial discussions at the moment.

With the help of today's Mercury-Pluto hexagon you can feel a strong desire to put things right, get organized and take care of your business. A sense of your personal purpose can be enhanced by supporting someone important to you. The opportunity may also arise to further understand yourself and others. Honesty and courage strengthen or improve your love life, your emotional life.