The Sun in Gemini gives love and money to 4 lucky signs

Until June 21, the Sun will be in Gemini and this period will be favorable for 4 zodiac signs, while in the rest it can bring a mood for knowledge but also impatience.

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According to the most favored signs of this period are the following:


As long as the Sun is in Gemini, Taurus will experience favor in his finances and will see a full wallet. After all, the Sun illuminates its second house, which has to do with money and acquisitions. He will also feel better about himself and will be more optimistic and with increased libido. An extra bonus in all this will be the presence of Aphrodite in Gemini until June 2, which can only bring him good things.


It's time for Leo to go out and have fun. To rejoice, to socialize, to meet people and to laugh at his little lip. With the Sun in Gemini, ie the 11th house for this sign, contacts, socializing and good moments with friends will have their honor. Leo at this time, will be able to shine and get his "blood back" for those drinks he did not drink in quarantine and for those walks with friends he did not go due to lockdown.


The bed and sheets will catch fire! It is that Scorpio is an erotic and passionate sign, with the Sun illuminating his 8th house that has to do with sex, in combination with Zeus in the 5th that has to do with flirting and his erotica, will… really. Nice situations await Scorpios, who should take advantage of this time to have the best possible time in the sexual field. Luck will be on their side and they can live magical and dreamy nights. Great joys for their partner -if they are not alone- because they will see a Scorpio uplifted and an appetite for sex and passionate moments.


Time for love and flirting! The Sun will be in Gemini, that is, in the 5th house for Aquarius and this means that his love life is taking over. This sign will be happy, he will smile, he will flirt, he will have fun and if he is already in a relationship, he will live very nice and romantic moments with his partner. And because Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini until 23/6, many Aquarius will have returns from the past or even reconnections. The only sure thing is that they will not get bored in their love affairs and will have developments