The astrological predictions of Monday, July 18, 2022

Venus enters Cancer and will remain in this position until August 11, the characteristics will be emotionality, need for acceptance for understanding and for emotional balance. The focus will be on stabilization and commitment, couples will be able to discuss the issue of future recovery.



Krie, today creates the conditions for renaissance changes in terms of public image and social prestige. Be careful because it is possible that strong emotions will come to the surface that will lead you to deeply manipulative and authoritarian behaviors.

Professional - financial

A period begins crucial for your career that you are called to take advantage of proposals that you can accept. At the same time, it is possible to radically change the course of your career, feeling that there are people who are trying to dominate us. Of course, try not to have similar behaviors.

The tension that can prevail in your career also affects your relationship, make sure you avoid excessive outbursts that will bother your partner. The unattached are experiencing intense moments and your psychology may not allow you to focus on your personal life and its evolution.


Taurus, today creates the conditions for opportunities in terms of training that will open new roads in front of you. The favor is on your side and can create the right conditions to radically change your way of thinking and worldview.

Professional - financial

Imagination and creativity lead you to take initiatives that may require effort, but have a lot to give you. Advertising, communication and opportunities from abroad open new paths in front of you that you are called to take advantage of in the best possible way.

Optimism in your relationship comes from deeper feelings that give you the strength to claim a better future for you and your partner. The unattached can not come into contact with a person who will play a decisive role in your romance by radically changing your way of thinking.


Gemini, today brings you face to face with deeper emotions, fears and repulsions that trouble you. You feel that you change decisively inside yourself and you come in contact with your inner self and you can show strength in the face of all difficulties.

Professional - financial

Significant opportunities can arise in terms of financial transactions that interest you as there seem to be people coming into your life who give excellent outreach to issues that concern you. Take advantage of this situation for better financial terms in relation to third parties and excellent business moves.

It is possible to make the surprise and create a beautiful atmosphere in your personal space, positively surprising your partner with the environment you create. The unattached are likely to come in contact with a person who creates unprecedented feelings and pushes you to really see what you want from love.


Cancer, today invites you with intensity to really see what you need to change in your relationships with your environment. It is important to make the necessary changes, otherwise you leave the initiatives to others, really ignoring how they will act and behave.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations and the way you act on them can experience the ultimate transformation as you seem to be willing to throw out of your life what does not cover you. The opportunities given to you operate in a renaissance way and launch new professional data.

Passion and excitement can take the relationship to new heights by creating unprecedented conditions, but beware of obsessive and authoritarian games that will lead to fierce rivalries. The unattached came the crew of time to see what is what you need to get rid of your mentality and it will release you in your romance.


Leo, today can create rearrangements in everyday life, something that invites you to leave behind habits that no longer suit you. Sudden suggestions make you happy and increase your self-confidence. 

Professional - financial

You are at a turning point in terms of your work as it is possible that there will be proposals that will pique your interest. Of course you have to change things and eliminate habits and functions that may no longer serve their work goals.

Do not hesitate to pleasantly surprise your partner by creating the ideal setting for two as your personal space. It will work beneficially in your relationship. The unattached is not excluded to be a person through the wider social environment who will suddenly show his interest and take you off.


Virgo, today works extremely well for you as you are given the opportunity to step on your feet, to believe in yourself and the potential talents you may have. The psychic power that characterizes you impresses those around you.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take today will be innovative and will impress your partners as you seem to seek to work at a team level that will bring you closer to your future goals. Your plans will be received with enthusiasm.

Passion and joy create a unique atmosphere in your personal life that you can enjoy with the person you have chosen to be by your side. The unattached is not out of the question to come in contact with a person who will function renaissance in your personal life and promises a lot.


Libra, today invites you to see for yourself what opportunities you can take advantage of and what you need to radically change at the family level. It is certainly not an easy process but it has a lot to offer you to take advantage of the situation. 

Professional - financial

The opportunities that can be given to you at a professional level are many, but it is imperative that you be able to manage them calmly and not try to impose your own rhythms in an authoritarian way. Remember that the background will not favor you, so trust your intuition to move properly.

Emotionality harmonizes with sensuality and creates the conditions for magical moments of passion with your partner. The unattached can not come into contact with a person from the past who returns suddenly and literally lights a fire in your life.


Scorpio, today helps you get closer to the faces of those around you as you realize directly and intuitively what they really seek from you. Communication with them goes to another level and this makes you very happy.

Professional - financial

You work uniquely in a team context and this is highly appreciated by your associates. It is very likely that there will be suggestions from people in the friendly environment that will stimulate attention and create the conditions for new and important collaborations in your life.

The fact that you are coordinating as a team with your partner creates the conditions for you to spend pleasant moments and achieve your common goals. The unattached is a possible person from the friendly environment to pleasantly surprise you by expressing his feelings for you.


Sagittarius, today invites you to radically change priorities and truly realize your worth. This can lead to significant reshuffles in terms of moral values ​​and how you perceive relationships with others.

Professional - financial

The time has come for the crew to reorganize financially. This can lead to lucrative deals with significant profits, as well as extremely positive developments in your professional life as your true worth seems to be recognized at all levels.

The many obligations may not allow you to have time for your partner, make sure you find us a space in your day where you will devote all your attention to the person who makes you happy. The unattached is likely to come suddenly new acquaintance through the professional environment.


Capricorn, today fills you with dynamism and the mood to be reborn by eliminating characteristics of yourself that do not help you evolve in your life. Beware of a strong mood of power and enforcement that will disturb the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

It characterizes you with dynamism and determination in your moves and this can work extremely beneficially as you will not hesitate to enter into a process of collaborations that have to yield significant profits. Just remember that power games will not have the same results.

It is time to enjoy your partner creating a unique environment that will pleasantly surprise him. Emotions flow easily. The unattached can not get in touch with new people who suddenly come into your life taking off your mood. 


Aquarius, today brings to the surface situations of the past in a strong way. It gives you the opportunity to face with dynamism and determination that it has hurt you and to eliminate from your life repulsions and guilt that worked aggravatingly on your psychology.

Professional - financial

The great ideas you have can help you to manage financial affairs in a unique way in relation to third parties giving the best possible results. Your intelligence will also star in business activities that can yield significant benefits as long as you trust your ideas.

Emotions are strong and lead you to become one with your partner. By creating the necessary conditions you will take off your personal life, the unattached can be surprised by a new person you have in your life to meet you with unprecedented feelings and to launch the passion to the heights.


Pisces, today creates the conditions for you to pursue with passion and optimism goals and ambitions that you may have in your life. Prestigious people from the friendly environment will help you in your every endeavor, something that will work very favorably for you.

Professional - financial

You are called to take advantage of the current situation to get closer than ever to professional goals that he has set. Team action will help you a lot as long as you take the necessary initiatives and trust your instinct. Stay away from conflicts that do not suit you and will create problems.

Surprises will work beneficially in your relationship and will refresh the atmosphere with your partner creating an emotional storm that will refresh you. The unattached will do well to be prepared for a new person who can come in contact with you and surprise you with the joy and optimism that fills you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from