The astrological predictions of Monday 28 August 2023

The Moon enters Aquarius, the way of thinking changes, there will be optimism and a need for renewal. The ground will be suitable for diversification, there will be the possibility to change the negative data. The spirit will be team spirit, there will be no shortage of actions of solidarity and social contribution. Beware of impulse and opposition, adaptation and acceptance will be necessary, if the reactions are abrupt and extreme, problems will be created in relationships.



Krie, your mood plays a dominant role today as it leads you to have fun and chat with people close to you. Take advantage of this opportunity to resolve issues that have preoccupied you as communication is excellent.

Professional - financial 

Significant developments can occur in terms of trade issues and agreements that interest you as it is important for you to achieve what you aim for. You can believe that you will succeed as you have a quick perception of things and you can maneuver in a very positive way.

You can immediately express what your partner feels and what you ask of him, be sure that he will understand and will be able to satisfy your personal needs. If you are unattached, you are given the opportunity to communicate with a person through the immediate environment that will fill you with joy and will renew your psychology.


Taurus, strong emotions and memories of the past prevail and can create insecurities for you as the repressed come to the surface and affect your psychology. Be sure to avoid important discussions as outbursts are of course and this will create a negative atmosphere.

Professional - financial

It is not easy to manage everyday situations as the mind is blurred and you want to isolate yourself from everyone and everything. This becomes more intense during the day and can lead to abrupt behaviors that will not benefit you. You will do well to be careful.

It is important for you to get out of situations that may have affected you in the past, but by trying to handle your partner you will only succeed in having tensions. If you are unattached / the person from the past can come back which will raise your heart rate vertically and will make you nervous.


Gemini, you will do well to be careful today in the management of friendly relations as it is not excluded that there may be tensions that will lead to conflicts. You do not need to create problems with people who have played an important role in your life due to personal doubts and insecurities.

Professional - financial

It's time to dump her and move on. Move intuitively that you can perceive the best for you.

It is possible to clash in common ambitions that you may have with your partner, make sure you drop the tones to avoid tensions. If you are unattached, pay attention to new acquaintances through social media as they upset you and you can behave abruptly.


Cancer, you can see in realistic terms what you are looking for in terms of social recognition as it is important for you to calm down when it comes to your image. Take the opportunity to express what you feel and can keep inside you in people who are protagonists in your life.

Professional - financial

The tendency to close the issues on a professional level will lead you to face possible pending issues that may burden you psychologically. The intuition and maturity that distinguishes you can guide you to the best possible solution that will get you out of the impasse.

You are given the opportunity to end issues with your partner that may be pending for a long time and affect your relationship by creating problems. If you are unattached through the professional space, a new acquaintance can emerge that will play a decisive role in your personal life.


Leo, people from the wider relative and friendly environment will make fun and help you to see things from their positive side. Fun and joy will help you escape from all the possible problems you face and enjoy the moments with the people you love.

Professional - Financial

The day can have pleasant contacts that will play an important role in your business as the proposals can be extremely interesting and have a significant development for you. A rational approach to things will help you settle into what expresses you the most.

There is optimism in your relationship and this helps to be mature in dealing with possible problems that may have arisen in the relationship. If you are unattached, it is not excluded that there may be acquaintances through your wider environment who will have the conditions to be stable.


Virgo, it is a fact that irritability prevails in the morning and it is not easy to calm down. The evening gives you the opportunity to express with logic and prudence what may concern you and frighten you in people who are important to you. Show confidence and you will find the understanding you are looking for.

Professional - financial

The day is ideal for settling financial issues that may exist in relation to banks and the public as you have the instinct needed to really understand how to move. Trust what you feel and seek to discuss with important people from the professional field, only you will win.

By expressing your deepest feelings you can balance your relationship and restore possible tensions that may have arisen. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance from work that will create a strong heartbeat and will make you feel familiar with her behavior.


Libra, it is important for you to correct misunderstandings that may exist at the level of interpersonal relationships and you are given the opportunity today to express what you feel with great ease. You can settle all the pending issues and the harmony with the important people in your life will prevail again.

Professional - financial

Discussions with people you want to work with can be crucial as their suggestions will be extremely optimistic and profitable for you. You have the opportunity to show what really covers you on a professional level and to earn it with your communication skills.

The conversations that will take place on a personal level will favor the relationship and will give another dimension to the love as you will feel relief and support from your partner. If you are single, communication will star in a new acquaintance that can play an important role in your personal life.


Scorpio, focus on everyday issues as you are given the opportunity to solve cases that may concern you and create problems with the people you meet. It is a fact that you can express deeper feelings that concern you and solve which you misunderstand. 

Professional - financial

The responsibilities you have taken on are many and can significantly affect your psychology as it creates stress that is not easy to eliminate. You can express potential requirements that you have in the work environment and it is possible to reach very good agreements that will benefit your finances.

The details that can bother you in your relationship are easy to overcome as long as you show understanding and willingness to talk to your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance through the workplace that will fascinate you with the way of thinking.


Sagittarius, the need for fun is crucial as you are given the opportunity to communicate with people who fill you with joy and optimism in your life. Star wherever you are as you impress with your temperament and communication skills as you can reach everyone.

Professional - financial

You are extremely creative and dynamic and this manifests itself directly in the professional space, something that your associates especially appreciate. It is not excluded that there may be proposals for collaborations that will play an important role in your life as they raise your self-confidence and create the conditions for a highly optimistic outcome.

Emotions dominate and define you with your partner as it is time to solve possible issues that bother you and have a good time together. If you are unattached / intense it can be the communication with a person that interests you and makes a difference in your personal life.


Capricorn, family issues may arise today but you are in the mood to provide immediate solutions as the need to discuss and get away from what may be bothering you prevails. Emotions are strong and give you the opportunity to get closer than ever with familiar faces.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to initiate discussions on real estate issues that interest you as you know what you are looking for and how you can achieve it. It is not ruled out that there may be proposals for work from home that can be extremely advantageous so do not rule out any possibility that is given to you.

You can create the right setting in your personal space with your partner and have discussions that will facilitate your daily life. If you are unattached, intimacy will play a dominant role in a new acquaintance as you feel that it can give you warmth and tenderness with its presence. 


Aquarius, you are in the mood to communicate with people from the immediate environment who can understand your reasoning and give you the best possible advice. This will help you to find your fun and have a good time together, escaping from any difficulties.

Professional - financial

It is typical that you can make significant progress in business matters and public relations issues that distract you as you have the persuasion and quick perception of things. Nothing can stop you from making the best deals possible and winning.

You can feel that your partner perceives exactly what you believe and you are moving on the same wavelength. Communication plays a key role in your relationships. If you are not engaged through social invitations, there may be new acquaintances that will distract you due to the strong mood for communication.


Pisces, it is important to feel that you can have stability in your life because it helps you to step firmly on your feet and get rid of any insecurities. But the doubts are real and can lead to conflicts with the people you meet if you do not manage it. 

Professional - financial

Be careful to avoid important financial deals that do not favor you as it is possible that there are people behind the scenes who want to speculate against you. Evaluate your intuition which can ideally guide you to avoid pitfalls.

You leave no room for your partner to approach you as the insecurity intensifies and allows you to see clearly who the person next to you is. If you are single, it will hardly be left to a new acquaintance as phobias and repulsions prevail.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from