The astrological predictions of Monday, March 6, 2023

The Sun forms a hexagon with Uranus, there will be lucky events that, if used immediately, will change the negative conditions giving a positive development in relationships. The way of thinking will be innovative, the characteristics will be optimism, vitality, need for creative change.



Krie, you leave behind the intense professional action and seek to communicate with friendly people as they are the ones that give you joy and peace. New ideas are coming to the table, you want to do it together by raising your mood vertically.

Professional - financial

The initiatives that you are called to take in terms of your business will also help on a team level. Of course, be careful not to become a revolutionary for no reason because this will cause strong reactions and problems in the management of cases that you have. Outbursts will disorient you.


Your strong communication mood favors your relationship as it brings you closer to your partner. Common goals are something you enjoy and it helps to be active as a team. Be careful in the afternoon because nervousness can prevail. The unattached can impress a new person, but the tension between you is great and this will trouble you.


Taurus, social obligations may have increased and you may call or meet people who may not be pleasant to you. Take advantage of the opportunity to have a good time and do not be disappointed and prepay. Gloom and frustration will not help keep you in high spirits.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that the responsibilities are many and this can put pressure on your psychology. Upheavals in professional matters are possible. You will do well to be prepared, otherwise the tension and nervousness will dominate the career environment. Confrontation is not the best solution. 


The tension that you may feel passes into your relationship as well. Be sure to limit possible issues with your partner as the reactions will be intense. The unmarried prepare for sudden acquaintances that seem to overturn the data in the course you have had so far on a personal level.


Gemini, you leave introversion and suspicion behind and find strength to see things from their optimistic point of view. Your good mood leads you to communicate with people from your wider relative and friendly environment. Common interests are what attract attention.

Professional - financial

The time has come to probably deal with legal issues that may concern you. Upheavals in communication and advertising can surprise and irritate you. Keep tones low so you can manage any situation that arises with maturity and composure. 

I had your attitude helps to overcome problems that may have been created with your man. Deal with issues of a spiritual nature that can also benefit your relationship. The unattached can get in touch with new people who take your psychology to the next level. 


Cancer, your insecurities are what you are called to face as they can create problems both in your social interactions and in your psychology. Put your fears aside so that you can overcome which issues you are called upon to manage.

Professional - financial

You can provide solutions to financial issues that probably concern you and are related to third parties. Subversive events, however, test your endurance and will provoke you. You have to keep your composure in the face of any change that will surprise you so that you can have the best possible result. 


The passion is intense but the irritation you feel especially in the afternoon can lead to endless fights with your partner. Avoid outbursts of jealousy that will not be easy to manage. The unattached are introverted and nervous and you are not left to a possible new acquaintance.


Leo, the time has come to communicate with people around you who want to confirm you. Take time for your appearance as it will help you to rise psychologically and escape from possible tensions. Do not shape your point of view according to the will of others.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations can proceed in a positive way as long as you set your limits and do not allow nervousness to prevail. Possible sudden events come and change the data and this creates more intense insecurity and fear. Take advantage of insight to see how you will move without losses. 

Your partner is the person who dominates your life and it is certain that you can do everything for it. Beware in the afternoon where tension prevails and upheavals can lead to quarrels. Unbound prepare for possible sudden communications with people who are sure to raise your adrenaline.


Virgo, everyday life is demanding as obligations seem to push your schedule. Take care not to be left in the routine and irritability as you will lose your mood and you will transfer this to those around you. Focus on closing cases that concern you.

Professional - financial

The obligations and chores are many and you are called to respond in the best possible way. Do not let stress overwhelm you as this is what can eventually create problems on a peer level. It is certain that whatever you do you will be able to respond extremely well as long as you focus your energy on it and not on whining. 


You stick to the details that bother you in your partner and that can upset him. Do not allow nervousness to prevail as it is the one that will lead to intense confrontation with your partner. It is important for the unmarried to deal with issues that need to be addressed and this leaves no room for flirting.


Libra, the need to have fun is intense and prevalent today. Your childhood and the joy you express thank those around you for creating a framework of positive energy. Be careful in the afternoon because irritability can lead to tension and outbursts that will create problems.

Professional - financial

You strongly feel the need to be creative in your business and to do things that fill you with pleasure. This can be reversed in the afternoon as sudden events can spoil your mood and create problems in business matters that interest you. Show maturity and do not lose your optimism for any reason.

It is a fact that your personal life is the one that concerns you the most. Possible challenges and subversive events leave no room for calm and harmony with your partner, something you have to manage calmly. The unattached seek to communicate with people who arouse interest but sudden tension can bring distraction.


Scorpio, you have the opportunity to focus on family and give your best to your own faces. Your divisive mood in the afternoon can spoil the atmosphere. Be careful because your behavior will play a decisive role during the day.

Professional - financial

Upheavals on a professional level are part of the day so you will do well to be prepared as you are called to deal with them. Do not allow your erotic mood to dominate because it is the one that will lead to frontal conflicts that in the end will only create problems in your professional development.


Your sensibilities unfold and can play a decisive role in the development of the day as it seems that in the afternoon you can not control them and you lead to conflict situations that will trouble your relationship. You are not left unattached due to the intense introversion and nervousness that you have.


Sagittarius, communication prevails and he is sure to use whatever means you can to get in touch with people who play an important role for you. In the afternoon nervousness due to sudden changes can come to the fore by force and lead to quarrels.

Professional - financial

Sudden changes in business issues come to create problems and test your patience. Make sure you show reasonable and calm thinking because they are the ones that will help you deal with which upset in the best possible way. Communication problems affect your collaborations. 


Be careful not to get upset with your partner because of the frustration you may feel or the upheavals that dominate your life. You need to keep a low profile to secure your relationship. The unattached person communicates your feelings with intensity and this can lead to coldness with a possible new acquaintance.


Capricorn, your personal insecurities can play a crucial role in the day as they seem to intensify your stubbornness. Take care to reduce irritability in the afternoon as events that suit you can play a role in relationships with those around you.

Professional - financial

You feel that the time has come to take initiatives for financial discussions that you may have long had in mind. But real events upset the data and create insecurity. Beware of sudden expenses that will take you out of your budget and out of your water.


Passion can prevail as long as you leave the tension aside as it is certain that it can upset the facts in your relationship and intensify your phobias. The unattached do not allow anything that causes you unrest to dominate and remove a person who shows interest.


Aquarius, you put introversion aside and you are given the opportunity to focus on what it seeks and satisfies. Show proper interest in the people around you and do not focus selfishly on yourself, something that will lead others to distance me.

Professional - financial

You feel that the time has come to take initiatives regarding your collaborations as there seem to be issues that you want to move forward. Sudden events can change your plans and this can lead to conflicts with partners that you should avoid. Calm thinking will benefit any effort.


Spend the day with your partner as you seem to be able to deal with him and satisfy your own needs. Take care to keep your irritability in the afternoon as controversies do not help. The unattached is likely to come face to face suddenly in life, raising the adrenaline, but at the same time the nervousness.


Pisces, it is time to move away from everyone as you want to reflect on situations of the past that may still be stigmatizing. This leads to wrong thoughts and intense outbursts that will bother you both at work and in your personal life.

Professional - financial

The day is ideal for closing pending cases and can create stress. But the mind travels and you are called to be completely focused in order to be able to respond in the best possible way. Possible disruption spoils your schedule and leads to outbursts that will surprise your fellow workers.


Take care to keep the romantic element high and not get involved in controversies due to the intense irritation that you have. This will be crucial for calm in your relationship. The unattached are called to manage sudden returns of persons of the past that will cause intense upset.

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