The astrological predictions of Sunday, March 26, 2023

The Moon makes its appearance in Gemini, there will be communication openings, proposals will be made for meetings and socializing. The discussions that will arise will be interesting, it is possible to hear compliments that will manage to boost psychology and self-confidence. The characteristics will be optimism, vitality, sociability, there will be a need for adventures and new experiences.



Krie, the day focuses your interest on the wider and nearby environment. Intense controversies are likely to arise due to revelations and backgrounds that come to the surface and disappoint you.

Professional - Financial 

The commercial transactions you want to promote may find obstacles or delays as behind-the-scenes processes come to the fore against you. You will do well not to let tension dominate the agreements as you will lose your temper and your right.

Be careful not to conflict with your partner as any conversation will play a role in your relationship and can lead to conflicts. If you are single, it is possible that a new acquaintance will come or a person from the past will return who will take off the nervousness.


Taurus, insecurities can affect you and lead to tensions with people around you. Let your intuition guide you and do not allow yourself to be annoyed with situations that may not exist. Give yourself time to calm down.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of the opportunity given to you to settle financial issues with your instinct as the main weapon. It is a fact that he is not going to betray you and he will show you the way to go. This way you will be able to come out victorious without tensions and controversies.

Focus on the passion and intense sensuality that may exist in the relationship and do not let jealousy play a leading role by negatively affecting its course. If you are single, it is possible that a new person will emerge who will take off your emotions and create a strong heartbeat.


Twins, you can enjoy the day with people around you leaving behind the nervousness that has existed in the past. You have the opportunity to have a good time with them communicating thoughts and opinions and enjoying every moment.

Professional - financial

You have the ability to smooth out potential issues that may be bothering you in your collaborations. By keeping the balance you can find the necessary solutions that will satisfy both you and the people involved in your professional life.

Companionship plays a leading role in your life and it is important for you to balance your relationship by letting go of the frustration that may have affected it. If you are single, the new acquaintance may show that she is very interested in you from the beginning.


Cancer, the day turns your attention to everyday life and issues from the past that come to the surface. Intense emotion does not allow you to function clearly and tensions can play a leading role.

Professional - Financial

Tension at work prevails as you fanatically support your views and exercise strong criticism in the peer environment. Nervousness leaves no room for balanced and realistic solutions, make sure you avoid tensions. Beware of backstage processes that come to the surface and energize the atmosphere.

Do not allow everyday details to cause rifts in your relationship as it will not be easy to reverse the situation later. If you are unattached / persons from the past return but your obsessions and prejudices do not leave room for you to feel intimate and let go.


Leo, the day invites you to focus on ruptures that may exist with friendly faces. It is important to avoid confrontations and controversies that will not have an optimistic outcome due to your suspicion and insecurity.

Professional - Financial

It is possible that there will be revelations about people you work with that will disappoint you and create explosive situations between you. There may be possible obstacles in financial matters, try to leave friendly people out of them because the tension will affect your friendly relations as well.

You try to impose your desires by controlling your partner creating an explosive atmosphere in the relationship. Try to drop the tones and think calmly avoiding the tension. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new person in your life, but the need for freedom and independence prevails and can play a decisive role in developments.


Virgo, the day focuses your attention on family issues that may have come to the fore. It is important to avoid attacks that you are going to accept calmly, otherwise conflicts are inevitable and ruptures are permanent. 

Professional - Financial

Confrontations can arise with your co-workers that will lead to crucial changes in your professional life if you do not manage to contain your nervousness and show a reasonable approach to things. Be careful because ruptures are possible due to the intensity and possible attacks you receive.

The irritability and competitive mood of your partner dramatically increases the tension in the relationship. Show maturity and composure to overcome the difficult moments. If you are single / the person through the professional environment can come back and promise a lot, the uncertainty you have does not allow you to move on.


Libra, the day turns your attention to the immediate environment. It is possible to have tensions with siblings, cousins, close friends who play a crucial role in your life. Be sure to restrain the aggression with which you deal with them.

Professional - Financial

It is possible that there will be commercial issues that will occupy you in your professional life as obstacles come to the fore that do not allow the smooth development of your agreements. Your schedule is demanding and you have many obligations, but this does not mean that you can break out with your colleagues without any consequences.

Do not get caught up in details that can affect communication in your relationship and lead to harsh words that will hurt your partner. If you are single / new acquaintance may arise, but your personal obsessions and prejudices can stand in the way of any development.


Scorpio, the day brings to the surface issues related to your material and emotional needs. Insecurity and selfishness will afflict you first and then those around you as you manifest abruptly and vindictively. 

Professional - Financial

Financial issues are of great concern to you as you try to find solutions to whatever is causing you stress. Be careful not to get egocentrically involved in your personal needs as this will annoy the people you are dealing with and will create conflict situations.

You feel the need to have confidence and stability in your personal life, but your egocentric behavior will significantly bother your partner and will have negative consequences. If you are single, it is possible to have a new acquaintance, but your personal fears do not allow you to enjoy it and irritation prevails.


Sagittarius, the day turns your attention to interpersonal relationships. Balances are difficult to maintain as blows below the belt can hurt and lead to intense confrontations.

Professional - Financial

Your collaborations are in the center of interest as competitive behaviors manifest and anger comes to the surface. Conflicts can lead to permanent ruptures so make sure you avoid important moves and decisions during this period.

The struggle of coercion that exists between you and your partner can only negatively work in the relationship, so try to get rid of inferior feelings and a mood of coercion. If you are single, it is possible that a person may return who can mean a lot to you, but the irritation will not leave your judgment unaffected.


Capricorn, the day invites you to listen to what you have hidden inside you and it can still weigh on your psychology. The intensity and the ups and downs are obvious, take care not to relax on people who will be hurt by your behavior.

Professional - Financial

Problems can arise at work as you come into conflict with people you work with. The obstacles you may find in completing your obligations will irritate you, take care not to break out in the work environment creating problems that will later be difficult to solve.

Repulsed by the past can shake your personal life for good and there can be misunderstandings that will not be easy to resolve later. If you are single, it is possible to have a new acquaintance from work, which will distract you, but spasmodic movements and emotional ups and downs do not allow you to leave.


Aquarius, the day turns your attention to the friendly environment. It is not ruled out that there may be conflicts with friendly people due to insecurities and absoluteness that you may manifest. Try to show understanding to the demands of others to avoid tensions.

Professional - Financial

There can be financial differences with people you work with and you have common goals that you need to resolve calmly, otherwise the conflicts are certain and will play a decisive role in the subsequent course. Arrogance and intransigence will not help you to express your views in the required way.

You have the opportunity to enjoy moments with your partner, but your personal fears and lack of self-confidence can energize the atmosphere creating problems. If you are single, people from the friendly environment come back and ask for another chance. Be careful as you have not settled on what really covers you and you react sharply.


Pisces, the need to be promoted and taste social recognition can determine your behavior and create frictions with people important to you. Enjoy possible social events that will help you leave behind the nervousness and have a good time with friends that arouse your intense interest.

Professional - financial

Take advantage of potential opportunities given to you in your professional life to get closer than ever to achieving your goals. Put absoluteness aside and focus responsibly on the responsibilities you have taken on as the effort and diligence you show will lead you where you want.

You feel frustrated and lonely and this significantly affects your relationship, you can express that it bothers you in your personal life to overcome tensions. If you are single, the person from the past upsets you, but it is time to clarify your position to take distances if necessary.

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