The astrological predictions of Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Moon is in Virgo, the timing will be suitable to settle issues related to health, nutrition, physical condition. Emphasis will be placed on arrangement and organization, conditions will be favorable for transactions, financial, legal and fiscal. In the professional field, coordinated actions will have an efficient result, moods will be condescending and cooperative. Mature decisions will be made, aspirations will be specific, choices will be thoughtful and not impulsive. In the emotional sector there will be a possibility for new acquaintances, the steps will be gradual, however the development will have the perspective of being positive and stable.


Disappointing plans can affect your mood early today and timing can be difficult. It is not a good time for relationships and problems in family dynamics can be limiting. As the day progresses a Sun-Jupiter transit helps you see the benefits of your projects and strengthens your outlook. There may be a romantic attraction that serves your love life.

Early today avoid letting insecurities cloud your vision. Consider that you may temporarily lose sight of people and possibly their true worth. As the day progresses a Sun – Jupiter transit dominates and collaboration comes naturally. There is a strong sense of mutual harmony and a general boost to feelings of peace and security through others as well. However, you seek a little more meaning from your pursuits or relationships than usual.

Early today you may feel moody and minor matters may escalate into dramas as the people around you may be particularly sensitive. As the day progresses strong energy is with you to gain confidence or develop a relationship or project. With the Sun currently transiting your communication sector and aligning with Jupiter, conversations become generous, open and meaningful.

Venus in your sign tends to put you in a good mood and mood, but early today you may find that there are misunderstandings and that your timing is off. As a result, some awkwardness in social situations is likely. Small tweaks and adjustments may be necessary if you want to get what you need. You are also in a great position to make creative changes and improvements in your life.

Early today you are more sensitive even to subtle changes. Maybe you read too much into what other people say or think. It can be difficult to identify the reason for dissatisfaction. Old issues that you thought you had buried may surface and occupy your mind. Fortunately a Sun – Jupiter transit takes over as the hours pass building your faith.

Early today relationships may be difficult and need more attention in order to function properly and avoid excessive problems. Try not to take small social gaffes personally. As the day progresses however you are in a great position to move forward happily. A Sun trine with Jupiter helps build faith and open-mindedness, and you may gain support from a surprising hidden source.

People tend to require more care and sensitivity early today and there is a tendency for misunderstandings and subsequent hurt feelings. Fortunately the Sun and Jupiter are in harmony and especially as the day progresses you can feel growth and progress. This transit builds confidence in your relationships and plans, and it can feel great to believe in something or someone.

Tensions with your money or relationships are possible early today especially if you haven't dealt with things recently. Avoid explaining yourself to people who are narrow-minded, but take the time to make things right with those who deserve your attention. As the day progresses you may be eager to move on or there may be a twist in your plans. Opportunities can present themselves as long as you keep your eyes open.

Early today it may be difficult for you to find natural or easy outlets for your desires. The feeling that you might mess things up too much if you ask for something directly puts you in a dilemma. People can easily feel slighted and it may be best to avoid drama, which can quickly escalate today. Rhythms in relationships may be off temporarily, but don't let that determine your next moves.

It can be difficult to read or understand the people around you early today, and wants and needs seem to be at cross purposes. Some introspection now can do wonders to help you focus and get in touch with your heart's desire. Fortunately a transit of the Sun and Jupiter today can put you in a good mood.

It can be difficult to feel in tune early today with conflicting desires within and interpersonal misunderstandings. Feelings of resentment can arise if you feel taken for granted. A stronger sense of well-being inspires you to do your best as the Sun and Jupiter harmonize. Openness and generosity can open up new levels of understanding in a relationship.

Internal conflicts can cause concern early today, or you may feel out of sync with others on key issues. The people around you can be either cold or hot. Try not to take it personally as they are likely to be just as indecisive as you. However, a Sun-Jupiter transit plays out and especially as the day progresses, it supports an open, generous approach and you find many reasons to be optimistic.