The astrological predictions of Friday 16 September 2022

Venus forms a square with Mars, emphasis will be placed on matters of an emotional nature, attention to tensions, extreme behaviors and competitive moods. Characteristics will be passion, attraction, reactivity, attention to scenes of jealousy and possessive moods.



Krie, the day is ideal to let those around you understand what you are feeling and what they are worth to you. Communication plays a leading role in resolving outstanding issues and can play a negative role in your psychology.

Professional - financial

The opportunity is great to be able to solve pending financial issues as you seem to be able to achieve the goals you want. Discussions are driven by understanding and empathy and this is something that will help make the right decisions for you and the parties involved.

It's time to show feelings to your partner that you may have well hidden inside. They are the ones that will help you find the security you seek in your personal life. The unattached person focuses on what creates the feeling of stability and this seeks to offer you a possible new acquaintance.


Taurus, it's time to close issues that may concern you with friendly people. It is a fact that you will express your needs and most likely they will be immediately perceived by the friendly environment. After all, good mood is what dominates and gives the rhythm.

Professional - financial

The ideas he has are many and play a leading role in setting important goals and ambitions for the future. You can express your innovative thoughts to your associates and it is certain that he will find it in the audience, you are waiting for it. The enthusiasm will be intense for new beginnings and the faith great.

On a personal level you try to express what you ask of your partner as you are more likely to believe that you have found the person you can work uniquely with. The unattached have the opportunity to get in touch with people who will stimulate your mind and spirit.


Gemini, it is time to face what can upset your deepest emotional world and express all that has hurt you in the past. The mood for conciliation will play an important role in resolving all that concerns you.

Professional - financial

You seem to want to solve in the best possible way issues that may be pending at a professional level and may have troubled you. Misunderstanding me on the sidelines gives you the opportunity to move on without hesitation to anything that may have upset you and affected your career.

Logic and emotion work in unison and you are given the opportunity to put an end to repressed and past issues that may still plague your relationship. The unattached is not excluded to come in contact with people from the past how it will soften the strong negative emotions from a motorbike. 


Cancer, friendly groups work as a relief to your psychology, giving you the opportunity to talk about future plans, about travels for spiritual matters that please you. Your philosophical quests can become a goal and education comes to the table.

Professional - financial

Positive communication in the environment in which you move will play a crucial role in showing you in which direction you need to turn in order to achieve possible plans and reach the top. Optimism and quick thinking help you to see things more clearly so as not to be disappointed in which difficulty.

Putting ambitions together with your partner is something that pleases you very much and fills you with joy and optimism. Take advantage of the situation to have a good time. The unattached, you feel that the time has come to overcome the need for independence and to give myself to me as a person who will take off your psychology.


Leo, the possible nervousness does not seem to affect you anymore as you seem to overcome pessimism and see the positive side of things. Your social development is something that concerns you very much and it is certain that you will intuitively find how you need to move in order to achieve the best result.

Professional - financial

It will be very easy for you to launch professional issues that you may have as it seems that method and instinct are harmonized in an ideal way. It is possible to have financial discussions with your superiors that can yield significant benefits for you.

Expressing important feelings and deeper thoughts to your partner will help make decisions about the evolution of your relationship that will be important to you. The unattached person focuses on getting in touch with a person who functions renaissance in your life and takes off the passion.


Virgo, optimism does not let you help him in any difficulty and is the one that will help you communicate it to those around you. You have a good time with people from your wider environment as the discussions are not petty and concern issues that strongly stimulate your interest.

Professional - financial

The discussions that will take place with your partners will give you the hope that the next steps will give the maximum results in your professional life. The fact is that you also seem to realize what they want and you are not willing to spoil the good collaborations you have.

Good communication will bring understanding and understanding to your personal life. It's what will play a key role in clearing up issues and looking at the situation with optimism. Unattached communication dominates and gives impetus to new contacts skyrocket positivity.


Libra, you find a person to limit stress and not let negative thoughts and feelings dominate your mind. The details make the difference and you seem to be able to understand is what you need to change in situations to improve immediately. 

Professional - financial

It is time to claim better financial conditions and you can do this with great ease and without conflicts. Make sure you move based on your instinct because it is what will give you the right boost at the right time for the moves you want to do. A positive result is very likely.

Express that it can bother you in your relationship as it now seems that you can give solutions and neglect the little ones to feel the absolute passion. Unbridled passion and logic are involved and give unique results in possible communications with new people who want to enter your life.


Scorpio, you focus on communication with those around you as it is important for you to have harmony and balance in the great relationships of your life. Take care of your appearance, it is certain that this will lift you psychologically, helping you to escape from any difficulties.

Professional - financial

It is clear that the conditions in your collaborations are excellent as you seem to be able to communicate what you want from others and your collaborators show understanding. It is important to be able to bring the required balances as they are the ones that will help you feel satisfied.

The beautiful atmosphere that prevails in your relationship is an important factor to feel great and create unique moments of passion with your partner. The unattached give you the opportunity to communicate with a person who shows interest in you and lifts your mood.


Sagittarius, do not get caught up in daily chores that can irritate you as they seem to lead you to conflicts with those around you. Focus on dealing with your physical condition which will fill you with energy and good mood.

Professional - financial

There is nothing that can stop you from finding the solutions you need in your work. Despite all the difficult situations you have the opportunity to show the diligence and responsibility that govern you and this will be highly appreciated. 

Good communication will play an important role in resolving issues that are small and can affect your relationship. This will work liberatingly for your mood. The unattached have the opportunity to deal with what may have occupied you in the past, leaving aside flirting.


Capricorn, the need to enjoy the moments with your environment is intense and occupies you all day. This leads you to communicate directly with people who set your mood and fill you with optimism. The mood for fun is strong and you will do everything you can to make the fun.

Professional - financial

Trade seems to be of great concern to you as it is what is of interest and can yield significant benefits in the present period. Make sure you put aside the need for visibility and really show those you want to work with that deals are made on equal terms.

You experience unique moments with your partner as you seem to realize what the essence of the relationship is and to communicate your feelings directly. The unattached will do well to get in touch with people who interest you as this will be enough to raise your psychology.


Aquarius, it is time to feel the stability and security you seek from your family as it is important for you to experience these feelings. Communicating with your loved ones creates the conditions to overcome a lack of self-confidence and fears.

Professional - financial

The discussions at a significant level can be many and what mainly concerns you is your finances. You are given the opportunity to have discussions about your income that if you manage them properly you can have the desired result. 

You can create the right atmosphere in your personal life and get closer than ever with the person next to you. Communication helps you feel safe. The unattached show your interest in people who fill you with warmth and tenderness.


Pisces, it's time to communicate with the people in your immediate environment as they are the ones that make you happy and you spend relaxing moments with them. The pleasant thing is that you can express emotions directly without selfishness and prejudice.

Professional - financial

The spirit of communication that will guide you will help you to make significant commercial and communication arrangements that can have significant benefits for you. Take initiatives because it is certain that they will be positive for you as long as you show the mood to understand the people you trade with.

Spending pleasant moments with your partner is now a goal that helps you fill with joy and peace and balance your relationship. The unattached has the opportunity to get in touch with people who take your psychology to the next level and strongly stimulate your personality.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from