The astrological predictions of Friday 24 February 2023

The Moon makes its appearance in Taurus, conditions will be favorable for stabilization, there will be a need for assurance and balance. Emphasis will be placed on material acquisitions, there will be openings for buying and selling, it is possible that some will manage to acquire a material good that has long been in their plans and visions. In matters of a professional and financial nature there will be reluctance to take risks, in difficult cases the beaten path will be followed.


Practical matters are in good shape today and adjusting yourself to them is enjoyable. You look within, but you also stay in touch, and this balanced approach serves you well. Good energy is with you for negotiations and partnerships, although some emotion in your interactions may be part of the picture. You are sensitive to imbalances in relationships, especially regarding levels of attachment and freedom. With a little effort you can improve your love life as long as you know what you really want. 

Today you can pleasantly feel the reinforcement, especially for your contribution or ideas. It can be a time when you feel inspired to move forward with a personal goal, dream or plan. You tend to go out of your way to help, but you may feel the need to delegate some tasks or take time for yourself. Avoid over-commitment. There is more fire and energy in your nature and your love life may reflect this and today you have a special attraction. 

The Moon's move into your solar 12th house today can draw your attention to your inner world. If you happen to be working on something behind the scenes, you will accomplish and accomplish a lot. At the same time you are in great shape to give everything to a project and you can rely on your great ambition and determination to push it to a new level. You can also feel very supportive, expressive and outgoing. Working collaboratively or in friendly competition with someone is rewarding. 

The feeling of belonging in a group environment can give you a positive feeling. This is a more optimistic day for a creative project. You feel more responsible and confident. Working on fixed projects or a team goal can be fruitful and rewarding. It's also a great time to get in touch with any needs and desires to stop repressing. Holding back just a little bit will work in your favor. 

You feel more confident about what you can achieve and are highly motivated to make a difference. As much as you focus on performance and goals, you can benefit from a quick shift in focus today. You are sure to see a relationship, a belief, or a course of study in a whole new way. Conversations and connections can be inspiring and stimulating, and you can connect with someone special through interactions with a group or a friend.

There may be a happy feeling that you can face a challenge today. Highly creative energy is with you for guidance, advice and support. You may be very fond of coming up with new ideas. Supporting someone with your insight or providing a loved one with one of your greatest ideas is rewarding. The mood is generous and cooperative. Your desire to grow is strong and you feel you have the necessary mental tools to do so. 

Today holds great promise for making connections or positive communication. The things that keep you connected can be highlighted or enhanced. You are focused on healing energy, positive reinforcement and healthy competition. The creative energy is with you for projection - and if needed. You can feel supported and calm, but also pleasantly stimulated. The Moon moves into your solar 8th house and while you are more active and open with others these days, this transit indicates a need for greater depth in your relationships and plans, or a desire for more introspection. 

The Moon moves into your partnership sector and your focus is more relationship-oriented today and tomorrow. There may be good, healthy communication with a partner or some positive, supportive feedback that motivates you. There is an ease in your interactions and a natural, warm feel to familiar matters right now. There is a tendency to downplay your needs today and while this may work well for you most of the day you may feel uncomfortable with being out of touch. 

While you've been very focused on bringing more fun into your life, the Moon moves into your work and health sector early today, and you're ready to do some sorting and organizing. However, an expert may catch your eye and your desire for companionship or feedback increases. You make progress with your work, health or habits, but it's also a good time to get closer to people you care about or bond through common activities. 

The Moon moves into your joy sector today and you focus on pleasure or leisure today and tomorrow. Today's actions are vital to creative satisfaction and the expression of affection. Something that helps you move forward may be a strong need of yours. There may also be an inner conflict between your desire to get things done or gain recognition and your need to relax and harmonize with your surroundings. 

Plans can be combined with finances, work or other practical matters today. Your need for improvement and desire to collaborate are driving forces. The Moon reaches the bottom of your solar chart and you seek more security, comfort and familiarity for a few days. This is the time of the lunar month when you are nesting and it will be great to be able to focus. However, activities through which you can have fun, impress, create and share take center stage as the day progresses. 

The Moon moves into your communication sector early today and you are more interested in talking and thinking about your feelings and attachments today and tomorrow. Today has good energy for positive experiences and connections, and you enjoy the idea of ​​expanding your relationships and self-confidence. Finding new ways to express yourself is rewarding and productive. Conversations are warm and helpful and your natural talents are highlighted and family activities increase.