The astrological predictions of Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Attention should be paid to the square of the Sun with Neptune, it is a difficult aspect, there is a danger of illusions and delusions. Both in matters of a professional nature and in matters of emotional affairs, it will be necessary to avoid embellishments and idealizations. Conclusions should not be hasty, intuition may be misleading.



Krie, today calls for you to deal with your interpersonal relationships and with people around you that may be of great concern to you. It is important to try to express emotions and not get caught up in the irritation that will energize the atmosphere.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations come to the forefront of interest as it is not out of the question to make decisions that signal significant cycles of completion that will help you move on to the next stage. An aggressive mood should be limited so as not to lead to permanent ruptures.

The tension will not benefit your relationship as subversive events come to test the resilience of your personal life. The unattached is not excluded to communicate with a person who is interested in you, of course take care to limit the nervousness you feel.


Taurus, today focuses your attention mainly on everyday life and possible pending issues that you are called to settle. Be careful because reversals are possible that can take you out of planning and create tension in the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial

It is important to be able to keep your tone low and to respond calmly to potentially subversive events that may affect your professional life. You will do well to take advantage of ideas that you may have as they will be innovative and open new horizons.

The many obligations and nervousness they create can negatively affect your relationships and there may be conflicts that you may later regret. The unattached is not easy to let go of a new person who wants to enter your life since fatigue and obsessions do not allow you to see what is clear.


Gemini, today is not ruled out to bring to the fore issues in your personal life that you are called to manage calmly. Situations of the past come to the surface and call on you to overturn your personal worldview and aspirations that you may have had for the future.

Professional - financial

The time has come for you to focus on goals and aspirations that you may have had and have not taken the path you really wanted. The upheavals that can occur help you to close funds, but they do not leave unaffected the relationships with the team in which you participated.

Allow yourself to have a good time with the person next to you and do not allow irritation to dominate by creating tensions that will cost you significantly in your relationship. The unattached is likely to surprise you with the interest of a person from your wider environment, something that will create nervousness.


Cancer, today focuses your attention on family issues that are the right time to deal with. The vibrations are intense and insecurities and suspicions can come to the surface that will afflict the psychology and the relationships with those around you.

Professional - financial

Your career comes to the fore and you are called upon to provide solutions to issues that may directly affect you. It is important to keep your nervousness and to trust your strong instinct that can guide you to make extremely positive decisions by subverting the negative data so far.

Do not let the repressed overwhelm your relationship as it is more likely to lead to the removal of the person you are interested in. The unattached is not easy for you to eliminate insecurities and mood swings and this will not let you focus on your personal life.


Leo, today can create issues with the close and wider kin and friendly environment that you need to manage calmly. Be careful because competitive behaviors surprise you and send irritation to new heights.

Professional - financial

The tension is likely to hamper your collaborations as there are likely to be sudden events that raise the mood for conflict and competition. Give yourself a chance to think calmly as this will help you find the best possible solutions without ruptures.

The fights with your partner strongly affect you and do not allow you to think clearly, thus maintaining an unpleasant atmosphere in your relationship. The unattached are likely to be surprised by a person who communicates to show their interest in you, but they can become very aggressive by making developments difficult.


Virgo, today invites you to reflect on your material and emotional needs as it is important for you to step firmly on your feet and feel confident. Upheavals in daily planning are expected and can have a negative effect on your psychology.

Professional - financial

It is possible that you need to make changes due to sudden situations that affect your work. You will do well to show flexibility as this will help you to adapt to new data. Your original and imaginative ideas can create new data in your career.

Stubbornness will not help you maintain balance in your relationship, you will do well to keep a low profile and think dialectically to help things go smoothly. The unattached phobias and the lack of self-confidence that come to the surface do not help you to be left in a new acquaintance.


Libra, today gives you the opportunity to focus on relationships with your environment and how you want them to evolve. Dynamism prevails and can lead to spasmodic movements that you will do well to limit so that there are no frontal collisions. 

Professional - financial

Your collaborations go under the microscope and it is not excluded that you make decisions for the completion of cycles that cannot go further. You will do well to trust your creativity and dynamism as it can bring original ideas that open new professional paths.

It is important to reduce the tension in your personal life, otherwise the fights with your partner will take an uncontrollable turn. The unattached is not excluded to be surprised by a person who will show his interest and will raise the thermometer vertically, your vindictive mood can stand in the way.


Scorpio, today invites you to focus on issues of the past that may be bothering you and intensifying your emotions. Beware of decisions that can be made without clear thinking as they may lead to disappointment.

Professional - financial

The upheavals that may occur in your collaborations will significantly affect your psychology as it seems that people you had invested will be removed. It is crucial to keep the frustration at bay and to take advantage of possible new acquaintances that may open up new horizons for you.


Sagittarius, today focuses your attention on friendships and it is not excluded that there may be developments that lead to distancing yourself from people who have starred in your life. Tension will be a bad advisor so make sure you avoid it.

Professional - financial

The upheavals in trade agreements and collaborations that may interest you vibrate your professional life for good and it is not excluded that they may lead to the reversal of your course so far. Think carefully about the goals you may have and which of them can become a reality.

The intense tendencies of independence that you manifest will negatively affect the course of your relationship, you will do well to think maturely and logically before causing tensions. The unattached, persons may seek to communicate with you by positively surprising. Show your best self and you will not lose.


Capricorn, today invites you to face issues with the wider social environment that may affect your public image. Insecurities prevail and can lead to head-on collisions if you do not manage to control your nerves and put forward logic.

Professional - financial

The time has come for you to close professional issues that may concern you and not satisfy you. Use the good communication and optimism you emit to enter into a process of negotiations and agreements that will benefit you significantly in areas such as trade and the internet.

It is possible that there will be difficulties in your relationship that with good communication can come and go, creating an optimistic atmosphere again. The unattached are likely to seek contact with people in the immediate environment who are raising their spirits. 


Aquarius, the tension holds well and does not allow you to see clearly and with a cool logic that you should express your desires to people around you. Becoming tough will not help those around you to understand, on the contrary it will create additional problems.

Professional - financial

Professional responsibilities occupy you intensely and irritate you, significantly affecting their development. You will do well to avoid conflicts with your superiors as they will not help you achieve what you really want, instead they will create additional obstacles.

Your conflicting mood negatively affects your relationship and causes tensions that will vibrate your personal life for good. The unattached will hardly show interest in your personal life and flirting as many obligations affect your mood.


Pisces, today focuses your attention mainly on issues with people who have played a role emotionally and have affected your psychology. Issues of the past come together again and again to give you final solutions.

Professional - financial

Close financial issues in relation to banks and insurance companies that you may have as you can intuitively move in a highly successful way. Turning to commercial deals frustrates you and leads you to shut yourself in. Don't allow it and trust possible ideas you may have.

Emotion and mood swings overwhelm logic and leave no room for clear thinking about how to handle situations that affect your relationship. The unattached can show interest in issues of the past that affect you and even make sure to close funds leaving room for something new in your life.

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