The astrological predictions of Tuesday, March 21, 2023

The New Moon forms in Aries, there will be a possibility for a new beginning, opportunities and new perspectives will appear, it will be necessary to take advantage of them immediately. Capacity and self-confidence will give the impetus for direct approaches, in matters of a professional and financial nature there will be an improvement. It is possible that new collaborations will emerge, the methodical claims will have a positive effect, they will manage to differentiate the negative conditions and give a creative boost.



Krie, dedicate most of the day to having a good time with people you love, as in the afternoon work obligations increase and you change priorities. Communication will work in your favor as you show understanding and flexibility in the environment in which you move.

Professional - financial 

You have the opportunity to take initiatives that will play an important role at work and will get you out of difficulties that concern you. Rapid perception and intuition help you to move effectively and fulfill possible obligations that you have undertaken.

Close everyday issues that may concern your relationship and cause tension with the person who stars in your life. If you are single, it is possible that a new person will come into your life through the workplace that impresses you with the understanding it shows.


Taurus, it will not be difficult to get into a dispute with people from the friendly environment as disagreements regarding joint actions can lead to conflicts. Take care to control your nervousness and at the same time repel possible aggression from others that will bother you severely.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to make moves in relation to goals and ambitions that you have at a professional level, but it is possible that there will be people who will move aggressively against you and will try to create a negative atmosphere. Try to overcome the competition and balance the important relationships.

The tension in your personal life can energize the beautiful environment you have created with your partner, you will do well to control your irritability and show understanding in the other's concerns. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that will distract you from work, but the competitive approach to things will bother you greatly.


Gathering, issues of a family nature come to the fore that can create tension and lead to emotional outbursts and conflicts. Beware as repulsions and guilt are easy to overwhelm you and demand in your moody mood frustrated by familiar faces.

Professional - financial

The many demands in the professional environment can trouble you and create intense mood swings and irritability. Beware of opponents as you will not hesitate to become aggressive with people you think are trying to impose or control you.

It is important to be able to determine what your real needs are and try to express them as clearly as you can so that there are no misunderstandings with your partner. If you are single, the emotional ups and downs are intense and you will hardly be left to a new person.


Cancer, you enjoy in the afternoon the company of people close to you who make you happy and help you express how you feel. This works beneficially in your psychology as you feel that you can stand on your feet with confidence and realize what you put in your mind.

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to settle financial issues and bills until noon, as this is what can cause stress. Give time to business affairs that interest you and can give you a lot, as long as you use your ideas.

The pleasant moments that exist help you to overcome your insecurities and to see your relationship from the positive side. If you are unattached, there may be a new acquaintance through the immediate environment that will show intense interest in you and you will enjoy the communication with him.


Leo, your sociability until noon will help you shine and stand out wherever you are. Later you turn your attention to what is causing you emotional upset. Think about what makes you confident and leaves no room for stress.

Professional - financial

Close cases regarding your collaborations that may affect you in your professional course. Your finances may be bothering you, but your intuition will push you to give solutions and find the courage to believe in your potential. Overcome the stress that obscures the thought and leads to wrong choices.

Give your partner the opportunity to express what he or she is thinking and may be preoccupying your relationship from the past, causing tensions. If you are single, it is possible to meet a new person who will help you deal with injuries and wounds that still affect you.


Virgo, you come out of introversion and you can make moves and find yourself in groups that will show who you really are. Pessimism will be put aside as you are given the opportunity to realize with great ease what you can achieve and believe in yourself.

Professional - financial

Take care to promote plans and ambitions that you may have as new paths will open in front of you that will satisfy you on a professional level. The initiatives you will take will help the collaborations that interest you and you will proceed with dynamism in achieving your goals.

Use the day to set goals together with your partner as this will work uniquely for the relationship and will bring you closer than ever. If you are single, new faces come into your life as you impress with your dynamism and communication skills.


Libra, you need to isolate yourself and spend time on whatever affects you psychologically. Logic will help you to overcome all that sinks you and leaves no room to see with optimism your personal course. You have the ability to escape from wounds and injuries.

Professional - financial

Close any pending issues that affect your career path and let everyone understand the planning you have for your career. You will find many people who will trust your suggestions, make sure you listen to your instinct about who you should trust.

You are given the opportunity to close issues that are pending and troubled your relationship without getting lost in the emotions and delusions. If you are unattached / the person from the past may seek to re-enter your life, your realistic treatment leaves no room for wounds.


Scorpio, you can have a unique time with people from your wider family environment, so make sure you use the time to have fun and indulge in new objects that will fill you spiritually and psychologically. 

Professional - financial

You have the opportunity to enter into discussions related to foreign countries and objects that excite you. Optimism creates the conditions for you to come closer than ever to your professional goals as you inspire with original ideas and give vision to the team you are in.

The fun takes off your personal life and you have the opportunity to have unique conversations with the person next to you who will bring you closer. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a new acquaintance that can cause intense optimism and passion if it occurs.


Sagittarius, you choose to isolate yourself without expressing feelings and thoughts in your environment. Doubts and suspicions are growing, but this can lead to wrong paths as it is possible to exaggerate the intentions of others and really react.

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties come to the fore and it is certain that you can make important decisions that will play a decisive role in their development. Your instinct will guide you in a unique way, so you will do well to listen to it and trust it.

The excellent mood that you have favored your relationship and creates the conditions for you to have a wonderful time with your partner, leaving behind past issues that have bothered you. If you are single, the person from the past can make his / her appearance again to emphasize his / her feelings for you and to claim you.


Capricorn, your psychology rises sharply as you enjoy the company and fun with old friends and acquaintances. Your spiritual pursuits come to the fore as they work to relieve your psychology and give you the impetus to seek new facts in your life.

Professional - financial

Try to take advantage of possible opportunities given to you on a professional level that will help you move forward and get closer to what you dream of. You can set long-term goals that will help you open new paths in front of you.

The company and the good mood will create a unique scene in your personal life that will help you get closer to your partner and enjoy the moments. If you are single, the new person makes an appearance and raises your psychology.


Aquarius, the upset you feel from noon onwards can lead to extreme behaviors that will expose you. Try to curb your fears and try to express deeper thoughts that will help you relax.

Professional - financial

Your financial choices may worry you, but you have the ability to immediately realize that you need to move on and avoid the pitfalls. You are given the opportunity to provide solutions to important work issues that may stress you out. This will free you from possible obsessions and critical mood that will only create tension in those around you.

The doubts you feel can cause explosive situations in your relationship, unless you make the decision and express that it scares you in your partner. If you are single / the new acquaintance from slavery can arise that will rekindle feelings that you have buried inside you.


Pisces, your interpersonal relationships are in the spotlight but you will not hesitate to become aggressive with people who are important to you trying to impose opinions and desires. Take care to keep your irritation because otherwise the conflicts will be intense and will cost you.

Professional - financial

Trying to take initiatives and impose your own terms on the collaborations that interest you can create intense problems and quarrels as no one will like your aggressive attitude. Take care to keep a low profile and give all your energy to the professional goals you have and not to the people you work with.

There is intense internal conflict in your personal life as it is not easy to calm down what exactly you want from your partner and what is bothering you. If you are single, people will show interest in you, but you will do well not to become aggressive and vindictive because this will greatly annoy you.

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