The astrological predictions of Tuesday, September 21, 2021



Aries, your insecurities can lead to real behaviors that hurt those around you. It is important to be able to manage your fears calmly and not try to impose your own wants by seeking to control people and situations.

Professional - financial

Conflict situations can arise in your collaborations, and it is possible that there may be disagreements over financial matters that raise suspicions. Beware of financial transactions as it is likely that some people will try to profit from you. Of course, make sure you have a clear attitude towards them.

Strive calmly to express your needs as the need to control and handle your partner will lead to intense confrontations. The unattached one will hardly be able to communicate with a person you are interested in as the fears overwhelm you.


Taurus, your day creates the conditions for you to make subversive beginnings at all levels. Tensions with people around you can lead to outbursts. Be careful because you will not hesitate to become harsh and absolute in your views.

Professional - financial

A new period begins for your business by overturning the old data. This is enough to revolutionize and act impulsively creating tensions. You are called upon to take on responsibilities that aggravate your psychology without the sense of security you need to move forward.

You want to radically change your personal life and this can surprise the person next to you. Absoluteness will not help your partner realize what you really want. The unattached can surprise you with a new person who wants to invade your life, suspicion and pessimism should not affect this new acquaintance.


Giving this all a quick read, it seems we are pretty much in agreement with your good intentions and ambitions. Don't get caught up in the suspicion that it will play a negative role in the friendly environment as it is what will lead you to conflict situations that will have costs. 

Professional - financial

Pay attention to excessive reactions and control moods that will create problems in the professional environment and in the relationships with those around you. Suspicion is running high and it will not be easy to handle tensions that can lead to violent conflicts.

Your highly independent mood will trouble your partner as you overdo it and engage in annoying behaviors. The unattached will do well to be careful in communicating with a person you care about, as the conflicting mood will be very annoying.


Cancer, your reactions will trouble the people around you as you can become extremely authoritarian and annoying. At the same time, it is possible that you will accept similar behaviors, make sure you keep your composure, otherwise the controversy will become widespread.

Professional - financial

You should pay special attention to the professional environment as it is possible that there is a background that will affect your course. This can take you out of your mind and lead to exaggerated and frontal conflicts. It is imperative that you show maturity and logic.

The insecurities you feel leave you no room to think clearly about how to manage your relationship. You will do well to stay calm because the tension is lurking. The unattached are likely to be isolated by not seeking communication with a person you care about as your fears are intense.


Leo, tension with people from your wider family and friends is not ruled out as obsessions and fears that may affect your thoughts come to the surface. Be careful in discussions as you fanatically support your views and this can be annoying.

Professional - financial

Tension in the workplace can be an obstacle to future pursuits. It is important to reduce stress as it can make you more critical of the people you work with. They are not willing to tolerate such behaviors and will show it clearly.

You can become extremely excessive in your relationship, something that will negatively affect the atmosphere, creating problems with the person next to you. The unattached will do well to be careful about how you express your thoughts because dogmatism will not help you approach the person you are interested in.


Virgo, suspicion does not allow you to enjoy the moments with the people you meet and are in your life. Irritability becomes more intense than ever as you want to impose opinions and thoughts, something that will provoke strong reactions and lead you to friction. 

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties are of great concern to you and it is possible that there are behaviors that make you very suspicious. It is important to overcome your fears and trust your intuition that guides you to a safe path.

Relieve the tension you feel through passion and create an intensely sensual setting for you and your partner, otherwise jealousy can lead to exaggeration. The unattached will hardly trust people who communicate with you as fears and insecurities do not allow you to let go.


Libra, conflicts can dominate your interpersonal relationships if you do not manage to curb authoritarian tendencies that you manifest abruptly. You will do well to think maturely and calmly before reacting by energizing the important relationships of your life.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations will trouble you as it is not excluded that you will seek to control their course, something that will create special tensions. You will do well to keep in mind that no one will accept you to rule over him, so make sure you find your innate diplomacy again.

Do not enter into control games with your partner that will cost the relationship as the reactions will be intense and will affect your common course. The unattached will not be easy to leave me with a new person as you become extremely suspicious and this affects your mood.


Scorpio, everyday life is turned upside down and this is something you can't handle easily. You express your nerves abruptly and create conflicting situations with people around you. Be careful because your critical mood will be the cause of fierce controversy.

Professional - financial

Work worries you and it is possible to try to impose your own terms and conditions by bothering those around you. You will do well to avoid exaggerations and manipulative behavior that can provoke strong reactions and bring you into conflict with your colleagues.

Do not allow control games and extreme criticism to dominate the relationship as this will greatly upset your partner and he will react abruptly towards you. The unattached will not be easy to focus on your personal life and the one that attracts your attention as it is difficult to enjoy the moments without stress.


Sagittarius, selfishness is excessive and can lead to extreme situations as you will not hesitate to demand obedience from the people around you. This will provoke strong reactions and fierce controversy is just around the corner.

Professional - financial

The exaggerations that characterize you can lead to controversy as it is possible to feel that there are people who want to speculate against me. But this does not preclude it from being a figment of your mind and ultimately creating negative situations for no reason.

It is important to try to manage self-centeredness and control over your partner, otherwise the friction will be intense, negatively affecting your relationship. The unattached person is likely to communicate with a person who is attracting your attention, do not try to direct it as the reaction will be intense.


Capricorn, it is important not to become too aggressive and conflicted with people in your family seeking to impose your views. This is what will cause strong reactions and will create problems as they will not show the mood you expect and there will be behaviors similar to yours.

Professional - financial

You claim the leading role in your collaborations as you feel that you know you have to move from now on. This can lead to extreme situations as you will not hesitate to impose your own terms abruptly. Do not dynamize the climate in the professional environment because this can cost you.

Excessive impulsiveness and the willingness to manipulate your partner do not help to calm the relationship, instead they will lead to intense situations. The unattached is not likely to leave room for a new person to have a place in your life keeping the balance, make sure you compromise with the needs of the other. 


Aquarius, the tension that prevails with people close to you can lead to harsh behaviors and absoluteness. Exaggerations will not help the climate, so it is imperative that you take care to keep your tone low so that you can save your close relationships.

Professional - financial

You may find it difficult to deal with commercial deals that may interest you as it is important that the people you trade with may try to earn more than you are willing to give underground. Listen to your instincts and don't take the situation to extremes.

Communication and the way you express yourself will play a role in your relationship as you can become very abrupt and absolute by creating problems. The unattached is important to be able to trust a new person with whom you come in contact as suspicion and insecurities prevail.


Pisces, the day significantly affects the relations with the immediate environment as it is not excluded that sudden events and revelations will come to the fore. Issues of the past seek solutions and this can sink you into sensitivity and lead you to outbursts that will alienate those around you.

Professional - financial

There may be upsets in trade deals that interest you as they do not seem to have the development you would expect. This will create tension and insecurity and may obscure your thoughts. Be careful because your behavior will judge their subsequent course.

The tension you feel should not dominate the relationship as you may say words that will hurt your partner and give negative implications. The unattached can be surprised by a new person who will approach you, beware as the repressed of the past seem to still affect your attitude in love.

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