Almost all of June Mercury will be retrograde and are predicted

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Hermes begins his seemingly retrograde course on 30/5 in the airy representative of the variable cross where he is also the ruler, in the sign of Gemini, and specifically from the 24o43 ′ of the sign. Its retrograde course will last until June 22, 2021, where Mercury will reach up to the 16th 7th of the zodiac sign.

The very extremely difficult intervals for our communication activities, where Mercury will be stationary are the period 25-30 / 5 and the period 22-28 / 6.

We have all identified the periods when Hermes moves seemingly retrograde the relevant alalum in our daily life, in our communications, in the inconsistencies or even in the obstacles that are created or even in the damages that our nerves make us… but surely it is also his periods. year, when we think much more about the past or the situations of yesterday return to our lives, so that we can edit them, evaluate them, review them. The planet of communication, Mercury, when it moves seemingly retrograde, invites us to penetrate more internally and to locate / review thoughts, decisions, opinions, ideas, theories, human contacts - relationships in order to come to a deep liquidation through reflection but and reconstruction of the mind.

In this period of time where Mercury will move seemingly retrograde from the sign of his government Gemini, we have to worry a little more compared to other periods of time when the planet of communication had a retrograde course. On the one hand we expect the Solar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini (Mercury is the ruler and will be seemingly retrograde), on the other hand the difficult angle of Mercury and Poseidon creates additional deceptive, confusing, chaotic, divided and strange conditions in our communication and strange communication. . It is therefore important to know that the period that opens before us hides its pitfalls, which will be due to misunderstanding, deception, misinformation, idealization, misunderstandings and general ambiguity that can lead to confusion, deception, or in a broader context to feel that we are in a maze where where we think we have found the way out, something happens that "tricks" us and we end up again at the starting point.

What do we watch out for with Retrograde Mercury

This is not an ideal time for final decisions, agreements, commitments that we want to have in force in the long run

We carefully edit our daily schedule, leaving room for alternatives in cases of inconsistency / changes or even extraordinary events that may go back to us.

We make a back up to the file of our computer or our mobile phone, taking care to have our data secured somewhere else, in case of any damage or loss.

We expect that small faults in electrical / technological devices are likely to cause us irritation.

We avoid significant purchases, especially of electrical / technological / means of transport

We pay attention to our means of transport, to avoid damage or we do not neglect its basic service. But it is important to be fully focused on both our movements and our driving.

The tendency towards hasty / careless accidents is certain, which is why we remember that it is better late than never…. We pay special attention to the use of sharp objects and in every form of our movement.

We recognize that during this time we can operate quite carelessly, so it is important to have a good plan for the essentials of our daily lives (eg our keys, locking the house or car, do not forget an important appointment for us, do not leave the water heater is on)! In short, we are not in a hurry in our daily activities, with paper and pencil we write down the essentials we want and they are considered important during the day to do.

We show more tolerance and understanding both to ourselves and to the people we come in contact with, both for the frequent changes of views / moods, and for the difficulty and delay for a proper development in communications, contacts, meetings… Communication is not always feasible at this time of year will be extremely difficult. Since many words of "air" will be said during this period, let us understand that we must avoid taking certain situations so personally.

We avoid hasty decisions that will lead us to mistakes, especially decisions whose outcome is considered particularly important to us.

Case Erotic Reconnection…

In the periods when Mercury moves seemingly retrograde, we observe the contact / communication with people of the past, while in the romantic field it is also the time periods that we see several erotic reconnections of relationships. In this time period, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius of the 2nd and 3rd decade will have confrontations with their erotic past, while several of the Leos, Aries, Libra of the 2nd and 3rd decade will have the opportunity to communicate / review with people of the past. . From the above representatives will be able to have a better outcome in a reconnection, Aquarius and Libra.

Professional and Financial Obstacles due to Retrograde Mercury

Virgos, Cancers, Capricorns of the 2nd and 3rd decade will be the recipients of professional confusions and confusions in the work sector. Taurus and Scorpio of the 2nd and 3rd decade must be the most careful in finances.


What to look out for: Misunderstandings, misunderstandings, rush words, promises, documents, agreements, decisions, commitments, transportation, cell phone, travel, sibling / neighbor relationships.

How to take advantage of this period: To communicate with people I had time to get in touch with, to reflect on yesterday's decisions, to close outstanding issues.


What to look out for: Financial investments, purchases, financial contracts and wallet management in general.

How to use this period: To work more internally to identify dysfunctional thoughts that make me feel insecure / lacking in confidence. To close financial issues.


What to look out for: Decisions, words, discussions, manner of expression, any communication activity, mistakes in everyday life, travel, means of transportation, accidents.

How to take advantage of this period: We reflect on where I am now, where I have been in the past and where exactly I want to be in order to chart my future course


What to look out for: The background, the gossip, the revelations of secrets, the negative way of thinking, the professional difficulties, the delays.

How to take advantage of this period: Closing pending issues, searching for the deeper causes of problems that plague me.


What to look out for: Misunderstandings with social environment and words that will lead to confusion, cooperatives and relationships with individuals in groups / social spaces, delay / freezing in the fulfillment of desires.

How to take advantage of this period: I am a little more open to the restoration of friendly contacts that are worthwhile, I am patient when what I want to be done is slow to move forward…


What to look out for: I pay more attention to my business, to documents and agreements that are considered important, but also to the goals I have set άνω I am patient in the delays that arise and I am ready to manage setbacks / delays / confusions. Be careful in contact with the boss.

How to take advantage of this period: We dedicate ourselves to my goals but also to steps that I had said I would follow but did not… I take stock that will help me discern what I want for my future!


What to look out for: Study, studies, college entrance exams, legal documents, travel arrangements, use of online platforms, pending agreements, important signatures.

How to take advantage of this period: I get in touch with people I have had time to hear or see, I philosophize some situations again


What to look out for: Financial liabilities to third parties, negligence in accounts, pending financial matters, delays / confusions in financial documents (bureaucratic, tax, inheritance)

How to use this period: I make an in-depth account where it will help me uproot remnants of the past that fill me with fear and doubt.


What to look out for: My contact with people I associate with closely, misunderstandings in words, hasty decisions about the outcome of relationships, misunderstandings in what I hear, quarrels. I do not forget that not all people think like me….

How to take advantage of this period: I review, rethink or ponder issues related to my relationships or companionship in general.


What to look out for: The daily routine, the inconsistency, the disagreements at work, the postponements / cancellations, the business plans, the discussions. It is not an ideal time for a medical check-up, while we also take care of the pets for any ailments.

How to take advantage of this period: I organize with a good plan my program, my work, always finding alternatives and devoting time to relaxation and rest.


What to look out for: The frivolity, the rush to make decisions about erotic or creative projects, business decisions, wasting time with people and situations that do not go along with our desires.

How to take advantage of this period: Reflecting on my deepest desires, what makes me happy, what I really want for my course but also for my feelings. Ideal period to understand what completes me and gives me joy.


What to watch out for: Carelessness and damage in the house (eg appliances), disagreement with relatives, I avoid contracts related to a house (rent, sale), I try to curb nervousness or frequent mood swings.

How to take advantage of this period: To take stock of the past that will help me in psychological cleansing.