LIOPETRI: The one and only Stavros Lantsias for a special concert

Stavros Lantsias in a solo concert at the Amphitheater of Liopetriou

StavrosLantsiasQuintet2 Music

On August 30, we say goodbye to summer under the starry sky with the compositions of the composer and pianist Stavrou Latsia. Music full of images and emotions that unfolds before each of us a part of ourselves.

Hadzidakis and Chopin will not be missing from his selections, in unexpected collaborations with his own compositions and more.

"The death of the bull", "the return", "the waltz of the eyes", "the journey of a note", "top capi", "dance with the wind" are some of the tracks that we will hear, while it is worth noting that there will be a painting exhibition entitled "The journey of a note" in the space, with children's works that will arise through the workshops of the same title that will be held in the previous days in the villages of Liopetri and Avgorou.

When: Tuesday, August 30, 2022
Where: Open Air Amphitheater of Liopetriou
Exhibition opening time: 19:30
Concert start time: 21:00
Information: 99593239

*The concert will be held as part of the cultural decentralization program of the Deputy Ministry of Education