"It has no internet, it does not take selfies, it does not go to the supermarket"

A "Lecture of Loneliness" for the elderly by the author Betty Koutsiou

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It has no Internet. It does not have Facebook, viber, Skype camera. He can't write a paper or send an SMS to go out. Nor to put a series on Netflix to pass the time. He doesn't take a selfie, nor does he upload to instagram. He doesn't order what he wants to eat, nor does he take the dog for a walk. It doesn't go to supermarkets.

For some people, their whole life was a doorbell and a ringing bell. Now shut up.

What kind of incarceration are we talking about?

What exactly can't we stand?

To recover a little and see clearly. We can't stand our mirror. Our own selves. Otherwise, such inexplicable emotional helplessness cannot be explained. We have not learned to live with ourselves, to listen to him, to work for him. We have learned to take him by the leash and take him for a walk. We don't have him together 24 hours a day. Can't we stand it? But of course. We never loved him so much. We offered him almost everything because we couldn't bear to see him naked.

And now; We sit with this stranger opposite and catch him talking. But come on, he doesn't recognize us.

We can't stand, even with all the good things in the world, because we are ill-educated, materialistic, partisan.

We have learned to look in the mirror just to get out. To read within us not a word.

But look how unfair we are. We flooded the internet with our supposed loneliness and forget who they really are.

But these people do not suffer like you and me.

You know why;

They went through real loneliness, abandonment, they were forgotten long before him covid 19 and endured. They left them without knocking on their door for days, months, long before the Prime Minister's speech and again they forgave.

So the next time we sit with the pizza on our couch to watch a movie, let's not talk because real loneliness has wrinkles and is called the Third Age.

"Speech of loneliness", Betty Koutsiou