Ministry: Proceeds with a National Strategy and Action Plan for the Third Age

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The Council of Ministers decided today to develop a National Strategy and a National Action Plan for the Third Age and Active Aging.

As stated by the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Mrs Marilena Evangelou, in this context the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare will coordinate the preparation of this Strategy, with the inter-ministerial participation of the relevant Ministries of Health, Education, Labour, Finance and a representative of the Presidency of the Republic, as well as with the participation of all the organizations of the elderly, in close cooperation with the Agency for the Third Age.

"This decision was taken at the highest level, demonstrating the importance that the Christodoulidis Government attaches to issues related to the elderly," said Mrs. Evangelou.

The National Strategy will coordinate actions and policies related to the quality of life of the elderly, their inclusion in society, their active and healthy aging, lifelong learning, the safeguarding of their rights, drawing on good practices from European and other countries but and from our country, and clearly taking into account the elderly themselves.

Mrs. Evangelou added: "It is our duty as a Government but also as a State in general to provide high-level services, as well as all the facilities required not only for a dignified living but also for providing opportunities to the elderly."

Also, the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare announced that the payment to the accounts of the beneficiaries of the one-off amount decided on October 19, 2023 by the Council of Ministers as part of the wider measures decided to deal with inflationary trends began today and concerns an amount of €300 in Minimum Guaranteed Income (MIG) beneficiaries who receive a rent/mortgage loan interest subsidy and €500 to MIG beneficiaries with a severe disability who receive a rent/mortgage loan interest subsidy.