Despina Olimpiou on Beer Talks: Eurovision, sexual harassment and the arrival of a child (VIDEO)

Despina Olimpiou: "I received an illegal proposal and physical assault and I was fired from my job" - Watch the new episode of the podcast "Beer Talks Cyprus" by Famagusta.News - Participation in Eurovision, the sexual harassment she received, the coming of her child, the friendship she maintains with Giannis Parios and her settlement in Cyprus - Watch the episode here

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Despina Olympiou invited to the fourth episode of the video podcast Beer Talks Cyprus. She talks about her participation in Eurovision, the sexual harassment, her departure from a co-op where she was harassed, the arrival of her child, her installation in Cyprus and the new songs. As it typically states: "I also accepted an illegal proposal and physical assault and I was fired from my job…"

Watch the whole episode:

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Συν Interview Editor / Host: Marinos Pavlikkas.
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The shooting takes place at the OctoMicroBrewery Microbrewery in Sotira, Famagusta.

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