No one does it: Why you should take pictures of every room in your house before you go on vacation

The following process of taking photos from all areas of the house will save you a lot of vacation stress.

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The following process of extracting photo from all areas of the house will relieve you of a lot of stress on vacation.

The summer holidays are, without a doubt, one of the most exciting times of the year. But, it is a fact that you get out of the house before the holidays it can be quite stressful.

From preparing and packing to making sure you're at the airport, port or train and bus station on time, there's so much to think about when you go on holiday.

So it's no surprise that you might have a moment of stress in the middle of the trip, that you forgot something important, like turning off the stove or oven.

However, you shouldn't worry at all as Lifehacker has a tip that can help you overcome this sudden anxiety attack.

Why you should take pictures of your electrical appliances before you go on vacation

So, according to Lifehacker, one way to stop worrying about forgetting to turn off something in the kitchen, or anywhere else in the house, is to create a little "evidence" by taking a photo and adding it to a 'vacation ready' photo album on your phone. Take a photo of your closed garage, unplugged beauty appliances, even your kitchen so that when you start to worry, you can just look at your photo album, take a deep breath, and go back to your vacation.

The photographic approach may also be better for some people than double-checking to make sure you actually turned off your electrical appliances.


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