Brand new in one go: Remove marks and stains from your marble floor with this natural recipe

There are stains on marble that are very stubborn and cannot be removed easily as it is a natural stone with

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There are stains from the marble floor which are very persistent and cannot be easily removed, as it is a natural stone with special needs and difficult to clean.

However, there is a natural and quick trick, not only to remove stains from the marble floor, but also to make it live, really, forever.

The marble it is more vulnerable to certain types of stains such as oil, coffee, red wine, rust, nicotine, soft drinks and black tea.

Natural and quick trick to remove stains from marble floor

In the event that the marble is soiled with any of the above, the first thing that must be done is to clean it immediately, especially if the marble belongs to the "absorbent" marbles such as Thassos, Volaka, Prinos, Lefkou Sivec (etc.) ).

If, nevertheless, the stain persists and there is some color change in the marble, then a painless and easy solution that will make the stain disappear is the oxygen sold in pharmacies.

Soak kitchen paper, preferably white, in hydrogen peroxide and place it over the stain. Then cover it with cling film and seal it around the perimeter with paper tape. Then let it do the "hard" work on its own for 8 to 12 hours. When you remove the pad, the stain will be gone.

To keep the house marbles "alive" forever, there is only one way, water and green soap. All you have to do is mix the water with the green soap and clean the surfaces you have. The ratio is 2-3 tbsp. grated green soap in a bucket of lukewarm water.

Under no circumstances is it prohibited cleaning marble surfaces with parquet, because it can shine at that time, but with its frequent use, the marbles become dull, since the parquet makes a wax film on the floor.

How to remove difficult stains stains from the marble floor


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