Miracles happen at night...: Say this prayer every night before you sleep and the Virgin Mary will hear you

A prayer from Saint Ephraim the Syrian, suitable for the night hours and especially before sleep, thanks God, begs for

ta vradia ginontai thaymata na les ayti tin proseychi kathe vrady prin koimitheis kai i panagia tha se akoysei PRAYER, SLEEP

A prayer by Saint Ephraim the Syrian, suitable for the night hours and especially before sleep, thanks God, begs for mercy and also asks for forgiveness, listing various sins that we may have committed and begs for calm and quiet sleep, without temptations from the devil.

The Virgin Mary is the "personal" advocate and mediator of each of us to her Son and God and intercedes for Him to forgive us our sins and grant us his great mercy.

The prayer for a peaceful sleep

During the night, the temptations from Lucifer are more, so it is good to pray enough at night, either with the Church Services (Dinner, Vespers, Salutations of the Virgin, etc.), or with our own improvised, but heartfelt prayers.

The text of the prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, our God, who made Your holy Mother, the most honorable of all the heavenly powers, the All-Good One through Her embassies and all Your Saints, pray and forgive me, Your sinful and ungrateful servant, for what I have sinned today as a human being or rather they say not as a man, but as an inhuman, my voluntary and involuntary faults, those in speech and in deed and in knowledge and ignorance, those arising from rapture and carelessness and my many rashness and negligence.
Whether I cursed Your holy name, or I blasphemed in my mind, or I slandered You, or I stole or lied to a friend, or I mistreated and betrayed a friend, or I grieved and oppressed a brother, or my mind remained in prayer and psalm. I, the wicked one, wandered into wicked and living things, or I indulged myself beyond what was proper, or I spoke foolishly, or I laughed foolishly, or I boasted, or I boasted, or I looked at vain beauty, and I was drawn to him, or I gossiped about what was not proper, or my brother's fault. I inquired and criticized him and overlooked my own innumerable faults, whether I neglected my prayer or what other wickedness I conceived; all these and others beyond deed and I do not remember, forgive me, as a good and philanthropic and cruel God, so that I may sleep in peace and sleep the prodigal I, glorifying You together with Your Anarchic Father and Your Holy and Good and Life-giving Spirit now and forever and to the ages of ages.


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