Finally air conditioning, an expert reveals the coolest sleeping position for the heat

The following secret to cooler sleep in the heat is staying away from air conditioning and fans, saving hassle and money.


The following secret for the coolest sleep in heatwave away from air conditioning and fans, saving fuss and money.

We're in the middle of summer, and living with the heat is… only slightly more pleasant than living in a recruiter's ward.

Unfortunately, in the heat, not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning at home, but even those of us who have it think that with Power Pass, we have the possibility to put on air conditioning for... 3 minutes a day. As for the fan, maybe it's not such a good idea to leave it running all night.

However, there is a solution. And it is not us who say it, but the experts.

This is the coolest sleeping position for the heat

Starting with the worst possible sleeping position James Leinhardt, owner of a mattress company, states that under no circumstances should we sleep muzzles.

The best possible attitude is sideways, but not embryonic. With the feet at a relaxed angle, and with a little sheet between the thighs, our body is in the most restful position with the heart also working at a restful rhythm. For those who are not comfortable with the side sleeping position, the expert on the subject gives his alternative stars, always on my back.

In any case during the heatwave to sleep as comfortably as possible, we must make as little effort as possible.

This means from clean sheets and a comfortable pillow, to correct posture.


via: Enimerotiko