Anorthosis: For ten... almost a "blank cheque"

Neophytos Larkou has at his disposal a very high amount for a top shelf move

b anorthosis

Planning is underway in Anorthosis with Neophytos Larkou and Darko Milanic continuously evaluating football player cases with the aim of strengthening the team both quantitatively and qualitatively. The onus has now fallen on the attacking midfielder, with the names that have been proposed and evaluated already being enough.

Christos Pullaidis has approved a very high budget for this footballer, and in fact Neophytos Larkou has almost a "blank cheque" in front of him for the chosen one. Of course there is a certain limit, but the "lady" can offer an extremely high contract to the chosen one.

The goal is for the footballer who will strengthen the team to be the driving force, that is, to be capable of distributing play and unlocking the opposing defenses, while the ideal is that the elements that accompany him should also include the goal. Elements that you pay handsomely to add to your team.

As we noted earlier, several cases have already been evaluated, with Neophytos Larkou having already drawn up the relevant shortlist and the first contacts have begun. Developments are expected in the coming days, and it is possible that there will be announcements soon.