Unbelievable! "Raiolas died and he himself denied his death" I was killed for the second time "

Unbelievable mess with the news of the ... death of Minos Raiola, which was broadcast by major news networks.

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The news of the "death" of Mino Raiola shocked the whole world, but the powerful manager is alive and fighting to stay in it.

Although many in Italy and throughout Europe wrote about the "death" of the super-agent, the most reliable sources spoke of fake-news. Although teams such as Real Madrid posted messages of condolence, serious political newspapers such as La Repubblica dropped the post, while others did not. The Italian news agency, ANSA, wrote that his condition was very serious, so is alive and the final end to the rumors was given by Raiola himself with his announcement. "Current situation. Annoyed because for the 2nd time in 4 months they 'kill' me. I seem capable of being resurrected. "

His doctor also commented on the matter. "Mino is in an extremely critical situation, he is fighting." At the same time, Dr. Alberto Zangrillo, who works at the "San Raffaele" hospital in Milan, where Raiola is being treated, said. "I am outraged by the phone calls of pseudo-journalists speculating about the life of a man struggling to survive."